WIT Machines Part of RK Water’s Strategy for Breakout Growth as Water Becomes the New Gold

picture1We are proud that the WIT Machines are American made. Our exclusive licensed machine manufacturer, RK Mechanical, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, did a business kick-start four years before the recent Presidential Election promises of retaining and adding more manufacturing jobs in the United States … RK formed a new business division (RK Water) and diversified into the manufacture of machines that will serve to sustain our precious potable water supplies worldwide. Innovative machines from several upstart companies, including our own WIT International, were chosen, and it is recognized by the RK Water Team that it will take time for each machine to emerge into its own water sustainability market. Out of the 1,350 skilled employees of the parent company, RK Water currently has 15 employees with strategic plans of hiring even more personnel (administrative, assemblers, marketing, service and maintenance), along with expanding the current assembly areas, as the demand for these machines grow, ultimately operating in all corners of the World.

A leading Colorado manufacturing economy magazine, Company Weekly, recently interviewed Jeff Gucker, Vice President of RK Water. The WIT Machines are showcased in this article. During the interview, Jeff stated that he does not expect a big employment surge into RK Water this coming year compared to that of other high-growth divisions within the parent company. However, Jeff said, “we’re waiting for the manufacturing customers to get their big hit,” and he added “I think it will happen.”

Thank you, Jeff, RK Mechanical owners Rick and Jon Kinning, and the rest of the RK Water Team for your leadership, vision, advice, integrity, and strong business and technical skills over the last two years. Yes, we also believe clean water is the new gold and the “big hit” will happen!