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Watt-Ahh® In The News

Faces of Childhelp – Rob and Dana Gourley Interview – April of 2022
Childhelp Newsletter during Child Abuse Prevention Month

WIT Technology Used to Manufacture Watt-Ahh Receives U.S. Patent – May 10, 2019

Interview with AquaNew CEO Rob Gourley – June 15, 2018
Suncoast FYI

Watt-Ahh's New Diamond Energy Labels – October 2017

Watt-Ahh Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Package - 1-liter bottle features sleek design – September 2017
Beverage Industry Magazine

AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh Releases Commemorative Anniversary 1L Bottles – July 2017

Rob Gourley's Article, Entitled "Can Electrons Lower A Beverage-maker’s Energy Costs? - Shrinking Water Supplies Challenge Beer Manufacturers" – June 2017
Beverage Industry Magazine

The Watt-Ahh Event – June 2017
Delphi University Newsletter

Watt-Ahh: Earth's Thunderstorm in a Bottle – April 2017
Edible Sarasota Magazine

AquaNew’s Open Letter, in SRQ Magazine – February 2017
Open Letter

Interview with AquaNew COO Dana Gourley – Jan. 6, 2017
Suncoast FYI

Made on the Gulf Coast – January 2017
SRQ Magazine

Closeup of Watt-Ahh Powerboat Team – June 20, 2016
Suncoast News Network (SNN TV)

Natural Products Insider on WIT Technology and Polarized Water – April 8, 2016
Natural Products Insider

AquaNew Kicks Off “Naturally Looking Good” Campaign – June 9, 2015

AquaNew Donates 3000 Bottles of Watt-Ahh® to the Modern Pentathlon and Contributes More than $6,000 to ChildHelp – February 26, 2015

AquaNew Announces New Online Distributor for Watt–Ahh – Oct. 13, 2014

Sustainable Solutions for Breweries Through AquaNew's Water Purification Technology – Sept. 12, 2014
Tampa Bay News Wire

Team REDS/Watt–Ahh and ChildHelp Raise Awareness about Bullying – Sept. 2014
Natural Awakenings (Sarasota/Manatee)

New Hope Natural Media's Engredea News & Analysis – Bottled Water Purification Company (AquaNew, LLC) Finds New Applications for Beer – August 28, 2014

Advanced Labels NW Recognizes Watt-Ahh® as "Best Label" for March 2014 – March 5, 2014

Watt-Ahh®Receives Recognition for Best Brand Marketing – Dec. 17,2013

Team REDS to Race Against Bullying –June 18, 2013
This Week in Sarasota (TWIS)

NY Mayor Bloomberg’s Imperial Ban on Soda Limits Fail - March 12, 2013
Tampa Bay News Wire

Watt-Ahh® Looks at the State of Sarasota Green Innovation - October 30, 2012

The Need For Speed: Watt-Ahh Sponsorship and High-Speed Boat Race - July 2, 2012
Childhelp T.E.A.M Talk

Parties and Parades at the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix - June 30, 2012
This Week in Sarasota (TWIS)

REDS Offshore Racing at the Fleming's Fan Fest - June 29, 2012
Birdland Media Works (Pelican Pages)

Sports Reporter Adam Shadoff Interviews Rob Gourley about REDS Offshore Racing - June 29, 2012
See more REDS Offshore Racing and Super Boat Grand Prix footage on our VIDEOS page.

An Interview with Team REDS - June 27, 2012
This Week in Sarasota (TWIS)

REDS Offshore Racing Team – Florida Gearheads with Heart - June 27, 2012
10 News/WTSP

Get to know Team REDS and the Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix – June 21, 2012
This Week in Sarasota Article (TWIS)

Breakthrough Research from AquaNew, Makers of Watt-Ahh® 
Natural Awakenings Magazine June 2012 Edition  (Go to Pages 46 and 47)

Listen to Life Coach Gloria Ponziano’s Radio Show on August 8, 2009, entitled “Amazing Watt-Ahh®” and Gloria says:  “I bet you think all bottled water is alike, right? Wrong! If I hadn’t experienced this bottled water for myself, I would have never believed what others were raving about. Rob and Dana Gourley along with Melinda Lagasse of Watt-Ahh, AquaNew water, are interviewed on the “Talking with Gloria” radio show. You have to hear these testimonies! Someone pass the WATT-AHH please!” Site:

Natural Awakenings Ad 08/2009

Thunderstorm in a Bottle: Introducing Watt-Ahh® Water
Positive Change Magazine Jan. 2008 Edition (PDF 185KB)

See our ads in Positive Change Media Magazine November 2007
Natural Awakenings Magazine November/December 2007
One Sheet Ad CMYK 11/12/2007
One Sheet Ad RGB 11/12/2007

Herald-Tribune Spotted (11/4/2007) Dana Gourley CEO

Bookmark RGB Ad 11/1/2007

New York Magazine - June 11, 2007
"...What's special about it: A magnetic field is introduced into the water, which is then vaporized, run through electrical fields, and bottled as a liquid. It completely removes soap from laundry and possibly battles migraines..."


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