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“My recommendation for any athlete going full throttle is to remember to stay hydrated and drink AquaNew’s Polarized Water often while exercising or out in the heat for a prolonged time. Hydration is closely monitored when I participate in intense workouts with a group of elite athletes  from the U.S. Military.  I remain well hydrated – better than most in my group – I know it’s because of the Polarized Water!”

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“I have been drinking AquaNew’s Polarized Water for detox, mental alertness, hydration and cellular regeneration. I never hit the course without a bottle of the Polarized Water in tow!”



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“Hydration is the most important thing for me on match days. If I’m properly hydrated, it allows me to compete better over longer periods of time. My drink of choice is AquaNew’s Polarized Water.  I’ve been drinking it for over two years now. I like it because it’s naturally filled with electrons that fight against oxidative stress and inflammation. I think it’s the best product on the market, and I can really feel the difference compared to regular water. It gives me more energy, and I can feel an immediate boost when I drink it.”



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“I have noticed a remarkable increase in energy, and a refreshed state of mind when drinking AquaNew’s Polarized Water. As you can imagine, both of those enhancements do wonders for an athlete. After a long season with a grueling training and competition schedule, any source of relief is happily welcomed.”






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A portion of every sale of Watt-Ahh® goes towards Childhelp® to stop neglect and child abuse. 

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