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Ultra-Pure Polarized Water

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More testimonials on breathing the DiTetra® (Dioxytetrahydride Gas) from WIT Machines can be found at this link and then go to the Fourth Box entitled “Breathe!” located on the right-side column of the Home Page.

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“Dana and Rob,
Just a note to say thank you from my family for giving my Mom just over 10 years of additional
life, after being told her kidneys would give out. FYI, she passed last Wednesday night after a
brilliant fight with Covid and other insidious infections that were just too much for her to fend

That said, I'd be glad to share that testimony on your site, or social media, in hopes to help others
get that ‘extra time’ ....
Again, our appreciation for your great product!”

Blessings, David H. of Florida

"I did the Polarized Water and I did chlorine dioxide.* When I did both together I started lowering my ferritin and I also put Factor VIII and Factor XII into healthy range. Ferritin is still a little elevated but going down as we speak. 16 years I have had the same hemo/onco doctor and he was floored. Asked me what I was doing and said he had never in his life seen someone have two clotting disorders go back in range. He was even more shocked that I recovered from a massive stroke so quickly and he wrote down your company and said he was going to start recommending it to his stroke patients."

God Bless, Sterling H. of Louisiana

*Sterling’s protocol can be found at this link.

"I have been on the Polarized Water for many years now. I drink it, but also use it a few times a week in a facial steamer for skin benefits. I also use it with eucalyptus to clear up my sinuses when I'm sick. I recently tested positive for a viral infection. My main symptom was that I lost taste/smell. Some of my friends prepared me as they said they lost their smell for a month. I started using the face steamer with the Polarized Water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil every day for 10 minutes. Within a few days, I regained smell and taste.

I could say so many things about this water being on it for years between its cosmetic, health, and wellness benefits, and when I needed it when I got this viral infection this water was there to help! My family and I do not go a day without it. Not to mention, since drinking Polarized Water the taste of other waters just doesn't compare, so the only downside is that you won't be able to have water from restaurants or anywhere else again without noticing the taste. Once you are hooked on the Polarized Water taste it's hard to get off of it! This water is truly amazing and has healing powers and am so grateful to the manufacturers of the Polarized Water - real-life superheroes!"

Thanks again! Julia B. of New York

"I'm a Fan! I was referred to the Polarized Water by one of my best friends a few years back but didn’t buy into right away. I've never consumed a lot of water unless I had physically exerted myself and only then did I try to hydrate with H2O. Earlier in 2021, I had multiple bouts with cold and flu symptoms (not Covid-19) and sought help from antibiotics and Doctors advice. None of them fully took care of the issues and they kept recurring until my friend reminded me of the Polarized Water. I ordered 4 cases and the very first bottle gave me heightened energy, also I began inhaling its steam from boiling it in a pot. WOW! Within 2 days the chest congestion, sinus and ear issues were no longer troubling me. The Polarized Water proved its power and it’s an important part of my daily life! Thank you!"

Respectfully, Daniel M. of Florida

"Dr. Campbell's 'success'* inspired me to spray my eyes with the Polarized Water and ... OMG ... my results are simply amazing so far. I have a device with a 3/8 inch screen that displays three lines of digital information. I wear glasses and was having a difficult time reading those lines of information - it was scaring me. After about two weeks of twice daily spraying my eyes along with eye exercises, I can now read those lines of information without difficulty. For the first time in years, the whites of my eyes are clear. The really neat thing is how my brain feels during and after spraying my eyes - it's like I'm awakening additional 'Watt-Age' with super clarity. There ain't a drug around that can match that feeling! They say the eyes are the only part of the brain we see and with the Polarized Water, it's a huge relief for me now knowing a safe way I can properly take care of 'me peepers' and an additional way to care for my brain! A major bang for the buck, indeed.

A funny [and funky] aside ... I've had a moderate case of dandruff for about five years. Not wanting to use harsh chemicals, I've tried just about everything from vinegar to you name it...without success. I was contemplating shaving my head. Out of the blue I had this 'thought' to spray my scalp with the Polarized Water. My initial reaction was...oh really?!?! Thinking nothing ventured, nothing gained and just for s____s and giggles, I figured what the hey, give it a whip. After rubbing my scalp on about the fifth day, no dandruff storm. I now spray my scalp when I spray my eyes.

I'm so grateful that MJ and Melanie (of Dancing with Water) took the time to explore the Polarized Water; without which, I would've never known about the Water. Such a blessing, indeed!

Thank you for the fantastic customer support! Many blessings".

Ross W. of Maryland

* More information on Dr. Campbell’s report on eye rejuvenation can be found here.

Ross sent a follow-up testimonial several weeks later:

"I read the link about COVID-related response to the Polarized Water in yesterday's newsletter - very interesting!

When this SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 first hit the news in December 2019, I immediately increased my beta glucan(s) sources both nutritionally and with supplement(s) …

Had I been aware of and using the Polarized Water at the time, my then 'stress level' response would've been much different - here's why. Thanks to Kiran Krishnan at Microbiome Labs, I well understand the corollary between mitochondrial dysfunction and a malfunctioning electron transport chain, often overlooked by the majority of both allopathic and alternative doctors … After reading the 'Dancing With Water' book, I learned about the many benefits of structured water, including overall mitochondrial functionality.

There's a ton of research on mitochondrial dysfunction and the electron theory of healing on Pub Med. In his video when Dr. Campbell referenced the electron transport chain to describe, in part, mitochondria function, my first thought was 'this dude gets it like few other doctors do' and I didn't hesitate to immediately spray my eyes with the Polarized Water. The results have been gobsmacking amazing! I’ll have to set an appointment to check if my lens prescription needs adjustment - me thinks adjustment is needed. Anyhoo…I have no doubt that the Polarized Water takes electron healing from theory to reality in really short order! And, also helps with the 'energy information storage' capacity of memory T-cells. At the quantum physics level, life is about energy information and energy information exchange. The Polarized Water plumbs into the quantum level like nothing I've ever tried.

An aside…in his quest for the fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon was about five hundred years too early. Today, Ponce would dock his boat at the Watt-Ahh fulfillment office!

Many blessings." Ross

For Ross' full testimonial, go to this link.

“We heard about this product after years and years of treatment for my son with an autoimmune disorder and bacteria-related inflammation. And 8 years of being on anywhere from 1 to 3 antibiotics. We had made much progress over the years, but were still dealing with antibiotics to keep him at baseline and overnight incontinence issues. We had reached the point in treatment of - why not give (fill in the blank) a try.

I can’t tell you how it makes a mom and dad feel when their 14 yo son can finally sleep dry through the night. It is directly attributable to the Polarized Water. When he drinks regularly - he is dry. If not, he has accidents. We had suspected his issues were related to cellular energy. His body was working so hard because of his health issues it just didn’t have the energy left at night to send the signals to his brain to wake him up. We couldn’t even wake him up at night to empty his bladder, but he no longer sleeps like a catatonic zombie, either”.

Read more of this testimonial here.

“A retinal specialist I sometimes refer patients to told me about the Polarized Water and said it was in principle similar to some new drugs he is inventing and might help a relative’s heart-rate dysfunction. She started drinking a liter a day and was able to wean off her heart pill that was controlling her palpitations. Now admittedly, I was also giving her some vitamins and such as well but I think the combination of the vitamins with the water was more powerful than the vitamins alone. Her symptoms improved some with the vitamins, but when I added the water it took it away completely and she went off the med. My theory is that the Polarized Water may have helped the nutraceuticals enter the cells better.”

Dr. Christopher, OD, Florida

Dr. Christopher emailed another testimonial as follows … "My wife and I travelled to Tahiti for our anniversary and we did not have enough room in the luggage to pack our Polarized Water for her heart palpitations, only her vitamins. On about day 5 of our relaxing trip, her palpitations, although mild, came back after having none for almost 2 years on the Polarized Water. Before we had the Polarized Water, the vitamins I gave her helped reduce but not eliminate the palpitations, but they were eliminated with both the vitamins and the Polarized Water. When we got home by the third day drinking the Polarized Water again, about 1 liter per day like normal, the palpitations went away again. To us, that is further testimony of how well it worked and we are grateful for the retinal specialist recommending your product to us!"

“Dear Friends,

We purchased some of your Polarized Water from you a few months ago and had it shipped out to where we live in Fiji, South Pacific.” (Note: these customers arranged their own shipment from the United States to Fiji)

"A few days ago my partner had a bad fall and fractured both the bones in her lower leg above the ankle and some bones in her foot.

She immediately increased the amount of the Polarized Water she was drinking and had very little swelling at the injury site, and was able to stop pain-killers a couple of days after her accident.

Now that she's had surgery to put the broken bones together she's still drinking the Polarized Water and it is helping her de-toxify from all the medications and sedatives she was given during the operation and certainly reducing pain and swelling and keeping the wound infection free.

Our question is - it is difficult for us to ship your water over here to Fiji - takes about a couple of months to get it via a sea shipment.

Is it possible to add some Polarized Water to other pure drinking water … to help us 'stretch' our dwindling supply of Polarized Water and keep it going a bit longer till we can get some more shipped over?.

Many thanks for any suggestions in this."

Best Regards, Robin of Fiji

AquaNew Response: Thank you, Robin, for your testimonial and we wish your partner the best in recovery.

Yes, you can spike the Polarized Water into other pure water. You might want to consider drinking the Polarized Water when taking vitamin supplements for optimum bioabsorption. Additionally, please consider Dancing with Water's recommendation in adding an organic salt to the Polarized Water ... MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans have experimented with the Polarized Water and offer a recipe for making a super conductive version. We add a few drops twice a day to our Polarized Water. The "Dancing with Water" article can be found here.

"Good morning Dana. Yes, I believe I had Covid late December 2019 and continued into January 2020. I've had pneumonia three times. I knew this was different but, I had no clue what it might have been until the news began discussing Covid. 20/20 hindsight, I'm relieved that I didn't know. I simply drank my Watt-Ahh and did as you had suggested in the past when I had pneumonia. I put the Polarized Water in my tea pot and treated myself to steam treatments two or three times a day.

Shortly after news broke about Covid, I sent you an email asking if you had let your customers know that the Polarized Water would help against this virus. My opinion is the Polarized Water kept me out of the hospital and functioning. I was very tired for a couple of weeks but, I managed my daily routine. But, I was drinking about twice as much of the Polarized Water a day as normal. I ordered two additional cases during that time and I drank about twice what I normally drink.

Thank you for taking the time to explain how I could get maximum benefits from the Polarized Water! I don't think it's a stretch at all to say it prevented a hospital stay on my part. Again, thank you!"

Nike of Virginia

Note: For a summary of our COVID-19 recovery survey results, please visit here.

"A friend introduced it to me to your product 2 weeks ago. I hadn't heard of it so I went to your website, read the testimonials and was absolutely blown away at everyone's experiences. Here's my experience :-)

I purchased some at a local store on my way home from cleaning a house. With the summer FL heat, I was feeling a bit tired/lethargic. I drank 1 liter on my trip home. By the time I got home I was feeling euphoric and fully energized! After I cleaned up my own kitchen, (I had so much energy!), I watched the interview between Wendy Myers and Rob Gourley. Wow! So much wonderful info including that it can be effective if used topically. I'd been battling an armpit rash for months off and on and at this point it was the worst it has ever been by far! I put some in a little spray bottle and sprayed some on my armpits and also dabbed with a Polarized Water soaked cotton pad and went to bed. I didn't sleep very well that night most likely due to drinking the Polarized Water so late in the day. However when I opened my eyes at 5:00 am (I'm an early riser!) I took inventory on how I felt. I felt wide awake and ready to go! Not like the usual roll over and snuggle in for 5 more minutes. I got out of bed and immediately noticed - Not. One. Bit. Of. Stiffness!! I also felt wide awake and clear minded. I went out and did my yoga in double time and that's when I noticed - my armpits don't itch as usual! I looked in the mirror and they were much less inflamed and beginning to heal! I continued to drink 1 liter a day and really noticed a big difference in my morning energy and lack of any morning aches. My armpits are just about healed as well. First time in 6 months at least! I'm also sleeping better since I try not to drink it after 2 pm.

Then came my 2 day road trip - I loaded up 6 cases of the Polarized Water for my friends and family to try and drove from FL to SC and then to NH! I started the 1st day of my drive with a liter of Polarized Water. No sleepiness during the 8 hours that day! I was wide awake and not stiff at all! The next morning I left SC with a liter of my tea made with the Polarized Water at 4:30 am. I felt crystal clear and Wow! My tea has never had so much flavor! 8 hours in, my eyelids were starting to feel a little fatigued but no other issues. I almost opened the energy shot I'd brought 'just in case' and then thought - why do that and risk feeling gross when I can sip on some Polarized Water with no negative side effects?! I made it to NH with no more fatigue and no stiffness in the rest of the trip - I drove 15 hours, only stopping for a few bathroom breaks and gas. I was blown away!! I was wide awake and clear headed! I've never made that trip with such incredible ease!

Thank you for such an amazing product!"

Jen of Florida

"Dana and Rob,

I've been drinking the Polarized Water for over 6 months, perhaps as much as a year. Sterling Hill recommended it, so I drove to Sarasota, tried some and have kept purchasing it.

My functional medicine doctor has me take either the NutrEval or the ONE test by Genova Lab's to determine levels of oxidative stress. I started doing so in 2010 and have always had levels of 11 or higher, up to the low to mid 20s. My level was lowest when drinking another redox supplement. In early May, I did another ONE test, the first I'd done since drinking the Polarized Water daily. I had no detectable levels of oxidative stress for the first time ever!

I can't say that this result was entirely due to drinking the Polarized Water, but I am confident that the Polarized Water improved my health.

My doctor says oxidative stress is the main reading he looks for on these tests, more so than for vitamin or mineral deficiencies. His nurse was so impressed by my results that she purchased two cases of one liter bottles from me and is going to test herself after consuming them.

I started by drinking one liter a day. Currently, as of the time I tested in May, I have been consuming only half a liter a day.

Please let me know if you want me to share copies of my test results with no (full) name".

Kathy of Florida

Read more about advanced nutritional testing for oxidative stress here.


"I am an alpine mountain climber and climb tall mountains from 14,000ft to 20,000ft (for now).

A couple of years ago I climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington state (14,410ft) and it was a very difficult climb because of short acclimatization period.

In my next climb adventure (Cotopaxi) 19,347ft in Ecuador I did not encounter any problems, but it took me one week to acclimatize before successfully reaching the top.

My recent climb of Mt. Elbrus (18,481ft) in southern Russia was a different story. I prepared myself drinking plenty of the Polarized Water a couple of weeks before the climb and a couple of bottles before the final push to the summit (I could only bring a few bottles to Russia).

When I reached the base camp of Mt. Elbrus, my guide told me that it should take at least 10 hours to reach the summit from that point because we did not acclimatize enough... I mentioned to him that I was ready to climb and come down in approx. 6 hours. This meant to go up for approx. 2,000ft and come back to base camp descending 2,000ft of steep snow fields. We did the task in 6 hours and 1 minute. I could not believe what I have accomplished: I started with a steady pace going up (usually I slow down because of lack of oxygen at higher elevation) and no symptoms of hypoxia or fatigue. On the way down I started to run ... I really had to slow myself down.

I believe that drinking the Polarized Water really helped me to do this climb in an exceptional physical shape and without major difficulties.

I have other climbs planned and will definitely consider using this water again... who knows what next.

Thanks." Williams (Retired Lieut., Italian Mountain Troops)

"I've been dealing with COVID-19 like symptoms for 4 weeks now.. A few times my pulse oximeter was showing my oxygen was 88 when waking up in the morning. I decided to nebulize some of the Polarized Water and drink the remainder of the 16.9 ounce bottle and within minutes my pulse oximeter was reading between 97 and 100. This happened a few more times. So now the minute I wake up in the morning I drink a bottle of the Polarized Water and nebulize it 3 times a day. I'm finally healing and coming around. The plus is that the Polarized Water takes down the inflammation I am dealing with and making me feel human again. Thanks Rob and Dana."


"I got the liter bottles ...I will absolutely order this again, and regularly. I can see why it is so effective and very healthy... I treated each bottle like a bottle of wine ... it really is refreshing (in every possible way) and the cleanest water I've found on the market.

Update: I just recently started using a CPAP machine. I wouldn’t have considered using this because of the price, but I ran out of my Publix distilled water one night and decided to use my last bottle of the Polarized Water in its place. I noticed differences immediately. Here's just one visual example: since this product has gone through a plasma activated cleaning process, the CPAP machine was generating a perfectly even and fine mist pattern that I'd never seen before in the humidifier casing. Normally in the morning, the moisture droplets are big and round, like the dew outside - but this was presenting very differently. My sinuses could immediately tell the difference (if water could feel wetter and smoother, it did) and after only one night. I may have ruined my expectations for getting a good nights sleep from here on out. That one bottle lasted about 4 nights, here in Florida, with my climate settings set to auto (82 degrees) ...

Someone had once asked if they could use this in their CPAP machine, and the verdict is most definitely yes..."

Amazon Customer Sean

"Hi Dana and Rob: It's been quite some time since we place the order for one pallet of the Polarized Water. I can tell you now what result we get.:

We have tested extensively with the Polarized Water, though not very much medical (we are not medical people), but all sorts of health aspects in daily life.

  1. It does remove heavy metals, and it does not remove useful metals in our body.
  2. It improves the conditions with the stomach, you feel good with the stomach, everybody say that. Since our people have to work in the field, most of us suffered from a bit of trouble with the stomach. This water is great help, you could drink the Polarized Water in cold weather (drink slowly) without a stomach ache! That's amazing.
  3. If we work excessively we always forget to drink enough water (people work in the field always have this problem), inflammation will happen with the urinary system, you'll feel that discomfort or pain with the body, especially in hot days, even if you drink enough water after that the discomfort or pain subsides very slowly. But with two bottles of the Polarized Water, the hydration of your body could be easily fulfilled, and the inflammation goes quickly.
  4. Blood pressure drops
  5. The fat guys say this water help them a lot, they cannot tell what exactly they benefit from, they feel it help them a lot. That's their words!
  6. If we cut our hands while working, the water helps (only fresh cuts).

We also noticed that there's something this water cannot help:

  1. If the heavy metals have caused some problem with the body for many years, even when we have get rid of the heavy metals in the blood, the problem remains.
    A friend's family (he and his wife) suffer from mercury steam 6 years ago, they had headache, dark line on the gingival, after drinking more than 50 bottles of water each, they tested in the hospital and find no mercury in the blood, but their condition does not improve.
  2. It seems that this water does not fight virus (or microorganism, not sure how to put this).

If we get stomach ache because of heat or cold, or body injury, this water helps, but if you eat something deteriorated or moldy, the water does not help very much. Regards"

Zhang T. of China

"Hello Rob, I am on day 4 with the Polarized Water and I wanted you to know I noticed a difference on day 1. I drank the whole 16.9 oz. bottle and got a headache that lasted an hour, but after it went away I had so much energy and clarity it was amazing. Now I drank 1/2 of the 16.9 oz. and the other 1/2 an hour later and I'm much more grounded at work around the computers. I've have been a Natural health advocate for over 2-decades, used alkaline, oxygenated and mineral waters which have all served their purpose but your water is beyond Superior. Please keep sharing the good Polarized Water, we need it to re-balance ourselves against man-made toxins that are in everything, including the air we breathe and the EMF’s"

Beyond grateful, Ella C., author of simple alternative therapies for lifelong health

"Hello Dana. It was so refreshing to meet you via phone … I am so sold on the effects of the Polarized Water that I will be a customer for life! ...

When the Polarized Water was first delivered, I was cautioned by my friend to take it slowly so I thought, 'I'll do this scientifically and record my results'./ So I started with 1/4 cup per day … I had to take all my medicines which included my pain meds upon waking but I only took a couple of sips of water (I use only Spring water) and then I would not drink anything for 2-3 hours as I had already gone all my sleeping hours with no water so thought I was pretty water fasted because of it.

So then, I would only drink 1/4 cup of the Polarized Water. After that, I thought I would give the Polarized Water enough time to refresh my body with its effects so I wouldn’t drink or eat anything for 2-3 hours afterward.

I was faithful to do this for 2 weeks and then increased it to 1/3 of a cup for 2 more weeks. Then to 1/2 cup, then to 3/4 and then to 1 cup. I got such good results after one month that I kept going with it!

Let's talk about results. I am 66 years old and I had such bad joint movement that my knees were fused together. I was given steroid pain shots in them more than once, but I had 'no results at all'". Gracen describes difficulties in mobility including … "It was a long process getting up the stairs if I went outside, as I would have to use the rail to pull myself up with such excruciating pain, one step using one step for one foot at a time and have to pull up the other foot on that one step at a time …"

Gracen continues … "But little by little, after starting on my Polarized Water, I was beginning to feel less pain. Since I began testing the Polarized Water in late November of 2019, I began feeling more limber in my legs and feet. I had so much arthritis bad joint movement in my legs and feet that it was so amazing for me to able to move once again!” Gracen described a seizure in October of 2015 and subsequent diagnosis of severe joint mobility by the health practitioners.

"Now, in three months I only have to use a walker to transport my special cushions for my broken tailbone. I only have to use the cushions when I have to sit. But, around my home I never have to use it anymore. I don’t use my metal walker in the restroom any more either. I can walk up the steps outside to go to the parking lot like a normal person would and I can walk to a car unaided! I can even walk more than half way from the car in the parking lot to the grocery store unaided too!

Gracen describes her doctor's appointment … "I said to her (my doctor), 'Watch this!' As I was sitting down, I lifted my knee up to a perfect bend. Then I lifted the other one into the bend position. Her eyes got as big as saucers! … She was totally wow-ed!"

Gracen also told us that she shares several of her Polarized Water bottles to her granddaughter who is recovering from brain surgeries.

Gracen continues "… Oh and one more testimony for me is that I don’t experience brain fog anymore!

I love the Polarized Water and I wanted to share my testimony with you and to thank you and your husband for having the vision for the beautiful Water and doing what it took to fulfill your dream for it!

God bless you both,"

Gracen of Utah (date of Gracen's testimonial is February 17, 2020 and her full testimonial can be found here and then click on the fourth box on the right-side column)

"Hi Rob,
Been drinking 2-3 liter of water for past five weeks. Been a couch potato for many years. No energy. Lymphatic and fainting issues Etc. Mild walks in the desert an occasional splash in the condo pool.

I have gradually moved to the following weekly routine.
1 liter of water with chia seeds and juice of lime.
MWF - 7:00 -8:00am - run in the desert at sunrise. 1 hour run. (2 miles an hour on rocky trail).
            8:00 - 8:30. 1 liter of water
            8:30 - 10:30 two hour swim/water jog.
           11:00- 12:00. Walk/jog 2 miles.
           Tues, Thursday, one hour run.
           Saturday. Two hour walk/run.
Then lunch and nap. The rest of the day I don’t care what I do. I just know I had a blast in the morning.

Not pushing it. Just going with the flow of this new energy I have. Not bad for a 64 year old guy with a bad knee.

Warning: drinking the water has led to delusions. I dream about running 5k and 10k races maybe in about 6 months. Dreamed about doing a half Iron Man.

Before drinking the water, I would dream of a massage and laying by a pool. Then taking a nap. Things have changed a little.

Go to Dr. Next month to check my blood numbers. Keep you posted.

So far, so good.

PS. Thanks for changing my life!!"

Steve A. of Arizona

Followup from Steve A. about 3 months later:

"Hi Rob and Dana, Need to order another pallet of water …

My blood has improved 18%. I no longer need glasses to drive for the DMV. I’m running 35 miles a week. Swimming three times a week. And bike riding seven days a week for an hour. Add to that a few Zumba classes, Pilates, and yoga. Entered my first 5K race. Had a ball. Even finished. I’ve never been a runner. But I am now.

Totally vegan now. The water was the kickstart I needed …

Thanks again guys. Best annual physical I’ve had in over 15 years."


My nephew who is a high school sophomore varsity quarterback in Illinois suffered a concussion. He was dealing with headaches for a few weeks.

I ordered him a case of the Polarized Water and he started drinking two 16.9 ounce bottles daily. 5 days later he was back to practice and no signs of a concussion. He could see and focus more clearly.

He loved the positive energy he got from the Polarized Water.

Sterling Hill,

Dr. Campbell's testimonial on DiTetra Gas™ that is infused into the Polarized Water: "The gas nourishes the cornea first then goes on to nourish the acquious humor. The acquious humor goes to nourish the vitrious humor in the posterior chamber of the eye. These humors are mostly made out of water and are easily nourished by the WIT Technology. The nourished (highly charged O2 and the excess electrons) humors not only go on to nourish the rest of the damaged eye, but appear to charge up the Astrocytes and Microgleal cells. These cells live in the humor and help repair the eye. It is a strong possibility that as we charge up the humors, we are charging up the repair mechanisms of the eye..."

Dr. Walter Campbell, DOAM, Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hollywood, FL.

Read more including interview videos of Dr. Campbell's patients, and then go to the Fourth Box entitled "Breathe"! located on the right-side column of the Home Page.

"Hiya Rob & Dana ... I visited my niece in hospital w/ pneumonia I took her my last liter of the Polarized Water... well I caught a bug there, So I'm in major need of healing! The Polarized Water is my dr and meds (helps me heal faster than ANY meds I've been on). I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this incredible product! Anyway, if you can ship asap, I'd be grateful *cough *cough. My body is craving the Polarized Water to get this junk out of my lungs! So glad I saw video w/ Emery describing it & tried it...Its helped my joint pain and supports my immune system better than ANY meds! Hope yall are well. Sending love to you both & ty for the healing!!!"

Angela of South Carolina

"Hi. I drink 1 liter of the Polarized Water a day. I love it. It’s helping with my fatigue due to widespread pain and my overall wellbeing.

I order a case every other week of 1 liter bottles."

Ann L. of New York

"Dear Watt-Ahh,

I can’t express how much I enjoy drinking your Water! I drank it consistently for one month and experienced more energy than I had in a long time. I am a recreational hockey player, and when playing, I had my stamina and better recovery during and after games. I recommended your product to my patients and anyone needing an extra boost in their health and performance.

Thanks for such a great product."

Dr. James Salvo, D.C., TX

"I drank the Polarized Water for 1 month as a test subject for regenerative research. By the end of the first week, I was functioning better in the areas of brain and mental activities, social participation and improvement in overall inflammation. Over the following 3 weeks those areas continued to improve as well as feeling a change in my physical endurance.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product."

Leslie, Wichita Falls, TX

"The Polarized Water is common sense simple with a surprising powerhouse of life and energy tucked inside.

It appears to me that hydrogen water in general, is marketed as a sports drink. No doubt, serious athletes will put it to good use; increasing speed, endurance, rapid healing of sore or injured body parts etc. But, what about the lung impaired or people recovering from sickness or surgery? Those are the people that need the Polarized Water.

After having personally experienced the benefits of increased oxygen and energy levels, I'm convinced that had it been available when my mother suffered her last asthma attack. The Polarized Water would have relieved her air constriction and prevented her death. More importantly, improved her quality of life prior to her death.

I am grateful for and appreciative of your creative intelligence and commitment to product and service; at all hours".

One Happy Customer in Virginia

"My grandson is 6 months old. Spiked a high fever yesterday. Took him to the doctor. They couldn't find anything wrong with him as far as his lymph's, eats, nose, chest. He was miserable ... we were trying all sorts of homeopathic. At about 3 AM my daughter put 2 ounces of water in with his formula and homeopathic fever tablets and he woke up a new baby! We had tried everything up to that point but the key ingredient was the Polarized Water! We need to let moms know how it can help!"

Wendy L., Owner of the YOLLO Wellness Center - Holistic and Natural Healing, Ft. Myers, FL.

"I have been drinking the Polarized Water for over a year and would like it to be available to my friends/patients in Asheville, NC. ... I am a graduate of Delphi University and have had tremendous benefit in over coming sepsis with the WIT machine and drinking the Polarized Water. Thanks for your help."

David R. of North Carolina


"Rob, Thank you for your Polarized Water shipment. I started to drink it right away and the effects are amazing! So much more energy and feeling stronger.

By the way I did it! Test went super good. I skydived all the weekend and jumped from 20,160 feet climbing without O2. I made two records myself : No Oxygen and 213 Mph speed head down. All is recorded with my altimeter.

Altimeter of the experiment day:

exit altitude : 20,160 ft
speed : 213 mph
deployment altitude 1,910 ft

Thank you very much, I would need to order more. Best."

Alberto S. of Florida and California

For more on how the WIT Technology and Polarized Water can help flight crews, go to:

From Ellen: "Grateful for this product. Emery Smith recommended it at the CitD Conference this past summer, and it’s dramatically helped my body heal from mold issues ... I am an extreme empath (since birth), clair-sentient and a psychological intuitive, as well as being a Reiki Master (Reiki since 1987), and psychotherapist (since 2001). With over 10 years working in the Nutrition/Health food industry, I've found that 'seeing' the energy systems and soul stories - and how they interconnect within ourselves, and with our trauma, have led me to know that we are at a tipping point with life on this planet.

These telling effects 'show up' in our body/mind (as heavy metal poisoning, be it from 'silver' (mercury) dental fillings, flu shot or other vax, gut dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies (due to not enough sun light, or glyphosates used in factory farms, stress, etc.), hormone imbalances, immune system dysfunction, increased mood disorders, brain fog, achy joints, cancer/ see 5G, cell phone / smart meter warnings) ... Heavy metals and toxic molds can make detox impossible.

This is why I want to share a product, AquaNew's Polarized Water, that removes heavy metals, and can help to create an environment in the body that makes mold proliferation obsolete. If you have a lot of unresolved emotional trauma, are full of toxins, have been exposed to mold or lyme (symptoms from exposure to bacterium Borrelia), you need to get out the heavy metals so the body can better be able to begin to heal thoroughly. You may need to work with a functional medicine or naturopathic doc... however if you are like me (writing a book and in a new city, just making my work known, and not having enough income to pay for all the blood, urine, and other tests), you may want to at least research this amazing product. It is available on Amazon if you are not in their area which is in western FL just south of Tampa ...

This company is also developing the machine they use to make their water. If you are a medical facility or other please contact them! I cannot speak highly enough for this product that has been decades in the development. It is healing me of 2 years of toxic mold that I didn't realize was a cause of my own health crisis which hit in 2015/16. We were lucky to be able to move in 2017, and now to be doing reno in our home in upstate NY. I am beginning to heal and seeing my hair that has been thinning on top since 2012 growing back. I am finally losing the weight that piled on within 6 months of moving into the toxic apartment in NYC. I am beginning to heal. I do many things to maintain my health, and I can honestly say that the Polarized Water has helped more than any other product individually. Thank you Dana G., and AquaNew! Btw, I am not paid to make this endorsement".

Ellen was asked by her Facebook friends:

Friend: "May I ask how long it took before you noticed an improvement with this Aquanew's Polarized Water? Was it over a long period of time?" Ellen's replies: The first week. I drank like a couple liters in a day or 2 - it was amazingly feel satiated for the first time in a very long time. I remember drinking water from the tap in Maine while on vacation when I was a child - probably early 70's and it was exquisitely delicious. It was like that. Then I drank about 1/2 liter a day minimum. Great to take with supplements and upon waking".

Ellen F. of New York

October 2, 2018 - Verified Purchase of the Polarized Water on Amazon

Subject: Healing of Wound -- I had to write you about the Polarized Water because it has helped me so much!! I have melanoma, diagnosed in 2010 or so (mela-no-more, I say...intentionally keeping it out of mind- out of body!) I had one of many malignant moles removed on my shin this past June, 2018. It hadn't been healing very well at all, and the sutures opened within a week or so after the procedure, and was giving me problems, etc... and never closed up and healed after the procedure …

Note: Patti's complete written testimonial that she posted on Amazon can be found along with the other testimonials on the WIT home page.

July 22, 2018 - Verified Purchase of the Polarized Water on Amazon

"I suspected this would a difficult product to review. I was correct. I decided to finish the whole case before writing a review. If I had done it after 10-16 oz. bottles I suspect the results would have been hard as there wasn’t a difference I could tell. I want to state that I also drank purified water as well as this water. I didn’t mix them, but did drink them at different times throughout the day. I did this for a month and drank a bottle every day, accept for two days due to medical things where I had to do specific things, this made 26 days total. What I noticed is the following. At first, I didn’t feel a whole lot different and even now it's not like your taking something impacting in terms of how it feels. I did notice when I peed, my urine was much clearer and not as yellow and this became apparent the longer the days went on in the trial I did. I also noticed when I took certain pills with it, the pills seemed to work better. I had a headache and took a pill for it with this water. The pill seemed to work quicker and I could feel the headache almost melting away over a 10 minute period. I am also a very hyper person and this water seemed to calm me when I drank it in larger quantities during the day. My wife noticed I spoke a bit slower and clearer. The biggest difference for me was my blood pressure. It usually runs high and my usual is 137/84 give or take some points which is pre-hypertension. Sometimes it gets higher. After drinking this water for 24 days I went and had my BP done (Not at the Docs office) because it’s always higher there for me due to white coat syndrome. I donated blood and my reading there was 118/77 which is normal and great for me. The specialist stated wow that is better than normal for you. I had it done again yesterday at the docs office as I had a follow up and its was 123/79 which is still better than normal for me and my doc was happy. Now with all these can anyone say 100% conclusive the water is reason, honestly no. What I do know is the water is the only different consistent thing I have been doing during this time".

Physcosiz (5 stars)

"Before using the Polarized Water and the WIT Machine, I was wheezing every night. Most nights the wheezing sound would wake me up several times. I no longer wheeze at night. I am so thankful.

The most amazing incident happened one day at my cousins’ house. As I was leaving, I grabbed the side of the door and a hornet stung the palm of my hand. At first I thought I had jammed my hand on a nail. The pain was excruciating. I have no idea why, but I grabbed some Polarized Water and poured some in the cap. Immediately, I turned it over to the hole of the sting. Instantly, the pain was gone. I kept the cap on the spot for about 3 minutes. When I took the cap off, there was no hole. I couldn’t believe it. That was my eye opening experience.

I can’t wait to see what results the future months bring".

Donna M. of Georgia

Note: Donna gave us a complete written testimonial about her husband’s recovery after multiple surgeries starting in April of 2014. In May of 2017, they started using the Polarized Water and breathing the Dioxytetrahydride Gas generated from a 10-cell WIT Machine. A portion of her testimonial can be found along with the other testimonials on the WIT home page.

Introduction: Anthony Radetic is one of our Be the Ahh! Champions and you can follow Anthony’s international racing career on his Facebook Page. In 2017, Anthony received the first-time award for a distinguished warrant officer by the U.S. Army (also the award was named the "Anthony Radetic Iron Warrant Award" in his honor).


"When I was training at EXOS for 8 weeks, and if you haven't heard about these's a pretty awesome sports training facility located in Pensacola Florida. The facility is pretty awesome and it has a phenomenal training program. Each training cycle follows a strict schedule where they are constantly analyzing your body pre and post intense work-outs. Every Wednesday we did a urine I have been drinking one bottle of the Polarized Water each day during these training sessions to see how well am I compared to the rest of the elite guys that are in my group.... keep in mind all of the guys in my group are part of SOCOM (Special Forces, Rangers, Navy Seal, Marsoc, and Airforce combat controllers) far back as I can remember I have always had an issue staying hydrated. Here are the results of the first two weeks of the training cycle....I'm consistently in the green well hydrated better than most because of the Polarized Water!"

Best Regards

WO1 Anthony Radetic, US Army Ret.

"After surgical removal of a squamous cell skin cancer from my lower leg, I was left with a deep hole just over an inch in diameter, too large to use stitches or a skin graft to close. The doctor advised that I could expect this to take up to six months to heal considering my age of 83 and the location and size of the wound. Before dressing the area twice a day, I cleansed it with the Polarized Water, Scotch taping a cotton pad soaked in it to the area for half an hour. In seven weeks, I was surprised, or maybe not, that the area healed completely. I continued to do the soaks hoping to avoid a bad scar. It worked. I’ve also been drinking the Polarized Water since Rob started making it for free handouts in his garage. Thanks, Rob and Dana, for the water and your friendship."

Gloria K. of Florida

"Dear Dr. Walter C.,

I just wanted to give you an update on my vision since my first appointment on 1/6/2018.

My immediate issues have greatly subsided just after the first treatment, I was no longer experiencing a "gray haze" over my vision and was able to clearly see faces.

My night vision has especially improved. Within 4 days, I was driving in the dark and had no issues. I even drove in the early morning fog at 6:30 am! That was amazing, I haven't been able to drive in the morning fog in a few years.

I had an appointment with my Nero-Ophthalmologist last week and my visual field test was better than it was in 2005. My right eye, which is my worse eye, I was able to read one line (large print) off of the eye chart. I have not been able to do that in years.

Overall, I am thrilled with the results that I have had in just 3 weeks. I know it will only get better from here.

Thank you for all you have done!"

Tina H. of Florida

"I have been practicing dentistry for 50 years, and during that time I have ground out a lot of old silver fillings that were laden with mercury. I also had many of the same silver mercury fillings in my mouth. I have had all of them removed.

About ten years ago, I went to Orange Beach, California to the Whitaker Institute for Preventive Medicine. I was told that I had more mercury in my system than they had ever seen. I was told that if I was to remove it through chelation that I would need to be very careful, it would be removed a little at a time and that it would also make me sick. There was no one in Georgia I was comfortable with to do the removal procedure.

About four months ago, a group of preventive Doctors moved into Columbus that did chelation.

I met Scott S. about this time and started your water and also had about four one to two hour sessions on your gas machine.

When I went back to see them, they did what was called an IV push and I collected my urine for twenty four hours. I reported back to them and they told me all my mercury was gone. I am on a three month recall to check with them, again, to see if I am still mercury free.

I am not the best letter writer in the world, but I would be happy to talk with you or anyone interested about my great news."

Joe M., D.D.S., P.C. of Georgia

Note from AquaNew: Thank you, Dr. Joe. Please contact Dana Gourley at 941-923-8972 if you want to accept Dr. Joe’s offer to talk about his experience using the WIT Technology.

"I have a neurological condition. Since breathing the gas on a daily basis for approximately 6 weeks, I have much better control over walking, inside the house as well as outside - no more lunging forward with my right leg because the left fails to follow. I am also much calmer than before, and at times even experience the same feelings of vitality and well-being that I often had before the onset of the condition.

I’m so grateful to be able to use this amazing machine!"

William Jacobson of Massachusetts

Note: Mr. Jacobson has given AquaNew and WIT International permission to share with healthcare practitioners a case study report including his daily medical journal and timeline. Please call Dana Gourley at 941-923-8972 for more information.

"I received a TBI (traumatic brain injury) back in 2010, and the Polarized Water not only greatly helped me restore my strength and health (which was really bad after four days in a coma), but also kept my TBI from getting bigger, which was a concern from my neurologist. The Polarized Water helped me get back to normal in a very short time; and, experiencing it first hand, I have been striving ever since to help get the attention of doctors to hopefully see it applied more in hospitals and on a local shelf."

Cory S. of Florida


"I have always been a fanatic about drinking water. In fact, my husband has always said, "There is no water safe around you". When I started drinking the ultra-pure Polarized Water, within two weeks I noticed that I was consuming at least 50% less than my normal intake of water. Not only did I feel satisfied, but also very hydrated in my body, more so than before. The water not only tasted pure, it felt pure in my tummy. It was refreshing, revitalizing, and I even noticed a difference in my skin. I was inspired by the feeling of health and began to give it to my doggies. Now it is the only water they drink.

"Bella is the older of my doggies, nearly 14 years old. When I took her back to the veterinarian one month later, the vet performed a blood test. She was most surprised to see that Bella’s liver was 50% better than before. She didn’t understand how that happened. I am positive it was through the Polarized Water.

"I have pretty much drunk all the kinds, brands, and types of water in existence. I can now tell you that all waters are not created equally. The effects of the Polarized Water are magical and seem to be a significant source of healing, going wherever in the body there is a need. My husband drinks it and says it has had a significant effect in healing his joint inflammation. I love my Polarized Water."

Kimberly Curcio, President, Delphi University of Georgia


"I started drinking the Ultra-pure Polarized Water when my wife started to tell me how she was feeling after drinking it. What I noticed is I don’t have joint inflammation. I also golf, so not having those aches and pains makes for a better game. It was really obvious when I have traveled and not had my Polarized Water with me. I really notice all that inflammation coming back. I would recommend the fountain of youth has been discovered in Florida. Thank you, Rob Gourley."

Bob D. of Georgia


"I used to own a vitamin and herbal store. I know a lot about natural products and natural modalities to help heal the body. When I started drinking the Ultrapure Polarized Water it was on a recommendation of a friend. She had learned about it and – like me – when you learn about something wonderful you want to share it with everyone you care about. So, I drank it, and enjoyed it. Then, two weeks later, I was reading the testimonies on their website and was so impressed with what people were saying; it made me stop and think, what have I noticed?

"I scanned my body to see what felt different. I realized the inflammation in my feet is so bad some days that I can barely walk. It dawned on me that I had no pain in two weeks. Funny how when you aren’t in pain you don’t even think about it. Then, I scanned some more and realized the joint pain I usually feel wasn’t there.

"I did nothing different, just drank a liter of Polarized Water a day. Since then, I have noticed an increase in my energy level and focus, and I don’t crave sweets. I have also put drops in my dog’s eyes (she has dry, allergy eyes), and her eyes look more clear and healthy … far better than any of the many meds I have tried from the vets. I am a believer.”

Audrey D. of Georgia

Recovery from a motorcycle accident by a man (my friend) who suffered multiple broken bones and a major trauma to the back of his lower leg. His doctors were preparing for amputation of his leg due to gangrene. It appeared that the gangrene subsided in five days after the man began drinking and spraying the Polarized Water on his wound site. A photo of the man’s leg before he started using the Polarized Water and after photo of the wound site can be found at this link. My friend is recovering at home with no loss of limb.

Information and Photos Submitted by Scott S. of Georgia, June 2017


I have recently tried your water and have been thoroughly impressed with my personal results. Some of the very recognizable things that I've noticed (without attempting to make ANY OTHER CHANGES in my daily routine) are:

  1. My skin showed noticeably increased hydration the next day.
  2. I noticed, the first day I tried it, that I did not have a mid-afternoon lull in energy.
  3. I immediately lost my craving for an afternoon soda.
  4. I drink less coffee.
  5. My sugar and carb cravings have decreased considerably.
  6. I have more energy throughout the day and find it easier to stay on mental task. (I am 100% menopausal, so brain fog and inability to stay on task have been an effort, to say the least).
  7. I crave more water.
  8. I've lost a few pounds.

As you can see, this water has had a considerable positive impact, for me.

I'm an Esthetician and proper hydration is a key component of my clients' success in reaching their goals in: anti-aging, anti-inflammation, acne, etc."

Jacqui C. of Florida

"I have congestive heart failure and have a pacemaker to keep my heart pumps in sync to pump better. The day after implant of the pacemaker, I felt great since I was pumping better; however, I never had the stamina I wanted. Over time, I found CoQ10 with Ubiqinol, and it feeds the mitochondria in the heart to produce energy. This increased pumping from 20-25% to 50% and, I felt much better. Still, I needed something else to help stamina.

"One day, I got a bottle of ultra-pure Polarized Water and drank it on the way home from a meeting. The next day, I had to walk some distance to my car from a movie theatre. This is usually a chore, but this time it was not, and I felt like I had no heart issue and felt great. I had more energy! I felt normal.

"Also, my wife wakes up with a neck ache and can hardly turn it. Plus, she has inflammation in her hips. She drank a bottle of the Polarized Water and the next morning woke up with no aches in her hips and able to turn her neck 75% without pain … awesome. I went and got a case of water at Peggy’s nutrition store the next day.

"Now, I went to a doctor’s appointment and had a blood pressure reading. My Blood Pressure dropped dramatically after being on the water six days. As my body improves, I hope to be off BP Rx in time."

Jim E. of Port St. Lucie, Florida

"I am the son of the patient. On the evening of August 5, 2016, my mother was admitted to the emergency room after passing out that resulted in a hard fall. At the end of the night I was shown x-rays and scans indicating over 150 blood clots. This resulted in a seven-day hospital stay and three days of rehab before going home. MRI and X-rays were taken again showing blood clots remaining, possibly more.

"The doctors recommended that we bring her home to convalesce as it became a "wait and see" situation. She was brought home, and I suggested that she drink a bottle of Polarized Water a day to see if it would help her. Ten days later she passed out again and was ambulanced to the Emergency room. Ultimately, we found out it was a result of her diabetes. Because blood clots have been such a problem, they took fresh x-rays and an MRI to see if blood clots were an issue. There were no more clots! The only thing that was different in her routine was taking the Polarized Water. It is normally impossible for blood clots to dissolve in ten days!"

Scott S. of Georgia

"My husband and I had an opportunity to inhale gas from the WIT Machine. I had just got out of the hospital. My hands and feet were on fire and I could not sleep. The day we used the WIT Machine, we came home, were very hungry, ate and went to sleep for the whole night. The next morning, I showered, sprayed my legs, hands and feet with the Polarized Water, ate (I was very hungry again) and went to sleep that night. I felt all swelling was gone. What a Miracle. It sure did help me and my husband. Thank you so much."

Carol S. of Florida

Last July of 2016, Dr. Walter "Buck" Campbell, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine contacted us and let us know about one of his patients receiving eye therapies at his clinic. Dr. Campbell used homeopathic drops while at the same time applying drops of the Polarized Water to the eyes of his patient. She experienced immediate results in improved vision while at his clinic. (READ MORE AND VIEW VIDEO OF DR. CAMPBELL INTERVIEWING HIS PATIENT)

"One of the great things about the Polarized Water is that it not only flushes out poisons and toxins, it increases and stabilizes the nervous system so it can function at its maximum potential.” Dr. Carol Brown, M.D. (READ MORE)

Dr. Lenny Lomax, MD emailed a case study with photos on a woman's partially amputated fingertip. She started soaking her finger in Polarized Water twenty-one days after replant repair surgery. Dr. Lomax, who was not the woman's surgeon but a friend of her daughter provided the following testimonial:

"On December 1, 2015 I was advised by a friend that her mother had her right 5th fingertip caught in a door while at work and partially amputated. Surgery to repair the damage and replant it was performed on December 2, 2015. Several days later her daughter voiced concerns about the follow up care that was being provided e.g. the dressing was removed by the worker's compensation physicians I believe on postop day 1, and the wound exposed to some type of cleaning. This is generally frowned upon by hand surgeons e.g. the dressing should be left untouched until the first postop visit with the operating surgeon to minimize the risk of complications e.g. infection. By the end of postop week one she still had not been given an appointment to see the operating surgeon. Into postop week number two she finally saw the surgeon who voiced concerns that her fingertip appeared to be dying and that another surgery was necessary. I was advised of this and recommended that her mother begin soaking her finger in Aquanew several times a day, keep the dressing semi-saturated with Aquanew especially overnight while sleeping. After beginning to utilize the Aquanew she began to heal quite rapidly. Evidence is seen in the series of photographs obtained pre-Aquanew utilization when her fingertip was clearly becoming necrotic and dying, and over several weeks where clear and rapid tissue healing can be appreciated. Aquanew was clearly the cause of this. Aquanew was able to stimulate the body's ability to heal in a more rapid fashion which has essentially saved her fingertip. The healing characteristics and potential of Aquanew in the areas of wound healing and potentially tissue regeneration are nothing short of phenomenal."

Lenny Lomax, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
President & CEO, Ultimaxx Health

Warning: the photos on a bloody wound are graphic in nature (Click here for more info).

A man emailed a case study with photos on his forehead healing after a motorcycle accident. Warning: the photos on a bloody wound are graphic in nature (Click here for more info).

"My wife, Mary, went for spinal surgery in August 2010. The Surgeon said that she would only be in the hospital one night, be 1-1/2” taller and be home the next day. The surgery did not go well. She may have been allergic to the anesthesia. She was completely spaced out with amnesia and left the hospital after eight days. She went to rehab and was diagnosed with aphasia and was given several prescribed medications before settling on two prescribed medicines intended to slow memory loss and reduce mental confusion." READ MORE

Introduction: This professional health practitioner has provided AquaNew, LLC with limited permission for his statement below and he allowed posting on this website ( only. It is only his statement and neither constitutes any endorsement nor reference to a specific employer, institute, foundation or non-profit association (past, present, or future) unless expressly stated by this individual in formal follow-up communications with AquaNew. There is no disclosure of medical records herein. His name will not be used by AquaNew for any marketing promotions unless there is a mutually accepted written agreement. The motivation of this individual is to share his experience that may help with the good health of those in his current community.

"After exclusively drinking several liters per day of the ultra-pure polarized water you manufacture (over a 5 day period,) I was most impressed with the health benefits personally experienced. As a medical doctor and science professor with 15 years of experience, I have encountered many enhanced / re-structured water products. Your water is vastly superior to any and all I have tried to date. I utilized the water on a gauze pad after a deep cut to my face while shaving. Inspired by the impressive photographs showing your product's positive impact in wound healing, I was pleased to indeed note a much faster stop to the bleeding than usual, as well as zero residual scarring (the cut was more than a nick, certainly deep enough that some scar should have resulted, but this did not happen.) I also take a low dose diuretic each morning to control blood pressure, and I further noted a faster time of onset for the medication. It is my personal belief that your ultra-pure polarized water may well have increased the immediate bioavailability of this medication in my bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract. I am sufficiently motivated to share this positive experience with friends, family, and clients, so they might try the water for themselves and reach their own conclusions. I find this water to be a wonderful product - it tastes great and I felt increased amounts of energy when consuming it daily. An added bonus is the high quality grade of the bottle the water is packaged into, which you explained will not be affected by heat / storage. This is a wonderful product, one which I believe can be of tremendous benefit to health and well-being!"

Tarman A. of Las Vegas, Nevada

"I was diagnosed as having a malignant tumor in my colon in April of 2012. I was going to have a colonoscopy but the doctor could not perform the colonoscopy due to the fact my colon was almost completely blocked by the tumor. The doctor could not get even a tiny scope around the tumor. On the part of the colon that was seen (up to the tumor which was in the sigmoid part of the colon) they found and photographed many very large polyps. I was told I needed emergency surgery as soon as possible to remove the tumor as it was blocking my colon and if that happened I would die ..." READ MORE

"My name is Dave, and I live in the Denver Colorado area. In June of 2013 I was experiencing severe abdominal pain; it affected my eating and sleeping habits drastically. I was losing an average of 12 pounds a week. The doctors ran every test they could think of looking for a cause of the pain and loss of appetite with negative results at the end of each test. My liver enzymes were elevated, and kidney functions were decreasing causing my urine to be a dark orange to a blood red color. I was having extreme pain in both the liver and kidneys. The testing procedures that took place from June of 2013 to November 2013 included: Ultra sounds of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys, Hyde scan of the gallbladder, upper and lower GI'S, endoscopy and colonoscopy, plus I think every blood test known to man. Every test preformed ended with the same conclusion: (Nothing wrong) unexplained pain ..." READ MORE

"I had a severe eye infection for over a month and was miserable! I went to the doctor and paid a lot of money for antibiotic pills and eye drops that only made it worse for a month! I have to admit I had a hard time believing you when you said the Water healed cuts and other wounds just by rinsing with it. I dumped out the prescription stuff and filled the bottle with the Ultra–pure Polarized Water. After rinsing my eye three times a day for three days, my eye completely healed. No Baloney!! It worked almost instantly for the discomfort and healed my eye in 2 ½ days! I'm a believer!"

Chuck K. of Florida

A man emailed a case study with photos on his hand healing after a chainsaw blade accident. Warning: the photos on a bloody wound are graphic in nature (Click here for more info).

"I ordered a pallet of the Ultra–pure Polarized Water from AquaNew. I have used the Water and other health–related products in my protocol recommended by a health clinic in Scottsville, Va. along with the other holistic protocols and vegan diet. My PSA has become stabilized. Yesterday was my monthly PSA blood test, and in the last 40 days my numbers have gone from a high of 5.6 to 3.75. That is a 35% drop in a very short period of time! My Urologist was amazed with such a drop with no hormone suppressant. While I give all credit to the Lord for this encouraging development, I feel that He used the Water as part of the process. I am unable to separate single components out as being the particular agent but the synergy between all seems to boost the immune system. Please share this with others if you feel this would encourage them to try a holistic approach ALONG with the western medicine."

Andy D. of Virginia

An equine veterinarian emailed a case study with photos on healing a horse, named Fluffie, using the Water (Click here for more info).

"We finally got the results of my Mom's liver biopsy late this afternoon, as well as her blood work. Suffice to say, the liver is still in bad shape BUT her kidneys are working in the mid 40 percentile! So that is a 100% gain in performance in less than 100 days of my mom drinking the Ultra-pure Polarized Water! AMAZING! What we suspected, is now fact! Anyway, I just want to THANK YOU, the AquaNew Team and my physician, for introducing us to the Water! We are celebrating at the moment and realize we still have to continue to work through the transplant process BUT this is the most hope we've had in a LONG time! FYI, I just left my Mom's home and she's the happiest I've seen her in a LONG time! Again, THANK YOU!"

David H. of Orlando, Florida

"I ordered a pallet of the Ultra–pure Polarized Water from AquaNew. I have used the Water and other health–related products in my protocol recommended by a health clinic in Scottsville, Va. along with the other holistic protocols and vegan diet. My PSA has become stabilized. Yesterday was my monthly PSA blood test, and in the last 40 days my numbers have gone from a high of 5.6 to 3.75. That is a 35% drop in a very short period of time! My Urologist was amazed with such a drop with no hormone suppressant. While I give all credit to the Lord for this encouraging development, I feel that He used the Water as part of the process. I am unable to separate single components out as being the particular agent but the synergy between all seems to boost the immune system. Please share this with others if you feel this would encourage them to try a holistic approach ALONG with Western medicine."

Andy D. of Virginia

"My wife and I recently purchased a new home on a wooded lot in S. Augusta, GA. One day while working several hours in the hot sun, clearing brush and cutting down trees, I became overheated and felt sick. I had a headache, a toothache, and felt sick to my stomach. When my wife, (who is a Registered Nurse), returned home from work, she found me sick and overheated, and was immediately concerned. She ran into the house and brought me back two bottles of your Ultra-Pure Polarized Water, which I immediately drank down. I have to admit, what happened next still amazes me! After drinking both bottles simultaneously, I immediately began to feel better. In fact, within five minutes, my headache and toothache were gone, and my stomach was fine! I couldn't believe that any water could work that fast to rehydrate someone as overheated as I was! My wife just smiled, because she has known for some time that this water is different from any other water, in its ability to be absorbed immediately, and to fully rehydrate the body. I am very proud to report that I am a true believer!"

Steve B. of South Augusta, Georgia

Note:  The next two testimonials come from the owner of The Mikey Center, a hyperbaric oxygen treatment facility located on Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and a parent of a child receiving treatments from The Mikey Center.

From the Owner of The Mikey Center:

"Shari stopped in today with her nine-year-old autistic son, and she was telling me that this is the best week of school that her son has ever had. She believes the only thing that caused the huge positive change was introducing the Ultra-pure Polarized Water to her son. Usually, when Shari's son comes here to visit, Shari and I have a difficult time talking because he is always running – not today. He was so calm and relaxed – he was like a brand new boy. Just incredible results"

M.D. of Lakewood Ranch, Florida at The Mikey Center,

From the Parent:

"I wanted to let you know that we love the Ultra-pure Polarized Water, and it seems to be helping my son so much. He had a fantastic week and the teachers at school were very impressed. M.D. ordered Water for me to be delivered to The Mikey Center. Enjoy a wonderful holiday week and know that I am thankful to have met you and found out about this delicious Water. Thank you."

Shari C. of Sarasota, Florida

"I live in Venice, Florida, where I maintain five acres of property on a weekly basis. I have found that when I accidentally step into red ants (or fire ants), that if I spray the Ultra-Pure Polarized water directly on the bites, that it immediately relieves the pain and itching from the bite, and there is no "festering" or white spots where I was bitten by the ants. I've even used the water on ant bites up to 10 minutes after being bitten, and the water still removes the pain and itch, and keeps the bite area from festering. In addition to providing great hydration, I keep a spray bottle of the water with me, whenever I'm working on my property, in the event of bites, scrapes, or other topical injuries, as the water provides immediate pain relief as well as promoting prompt healing."

Steve B. of Venice, Florida

Steve B
Click here to View Steve's Video Testimonial.

"My wife, Diana, as you know, was hospitalized for over six months. After drinking AquaNew's ultra-pure Water, she started improving. She was able to get out of bed, get into a wheelchair, talk normally, and started the desire to truly get well. Your company's Water saved her life. Diana emotionally is in much better shape, and your Water helped rebuild her confidence. Diana said she felt that your Water helped build up her strength. Diana said she loved how refreshing, pure, and clean tasting the water is, and never experienced those qualities in any other bottle of commercially available water. A step at a time."

Carmine C. D’Amico of 24 Grammy® Awards

"My husband, who is currently 79 years old, had a kidney function in Stage IV of chronic kidney disease. Stage V requires dialysis. His creatine readings on July 17, 2009 and August 7, 2009 were 3.31 and 3.37, respectively. He started drinking 2+ glasses (8 oz.) of hydro-fortified premium drinking water or Polarized Water per day. On August 5, 2010, his creatine levels dropped to 2.91. We feel it was because of drinking 2+ glasses of Polarized Water a day since he has no other diet or drug changes in his lifestyle."

Edgar and Bonnie E. of Racine, Wisconsin

"I was in Florida recently on one of my frequent visits to my daughter and her great young family. My son-in-law, Eric, (fortunately for me) is employed by the water plant. He informed me about this great new product which is an Ultra-pure Polarized Water. Eric knows only too well just how uncomfortable I can become … I must admit I was somewhat skeptical that something like this could help me but figured what did I have to lose by giving it a try. I was diagnosed about eight years ago with a neurological disorder and have experienced the typical "roller coaster" of symptomatic problems that goes along with the illness. Right side tremors, rigid muscles, slow gait among others. To my surprise soon after I began drinking the water I noticed a marked improvement in my energy level. I also noticed that I didn't have as much difficulty with involuntary muscle contractions in my foot (toe curling) which has been one of my most troublesome symptoms. I immediately began using your product daily and made sure to order some so that I could continue using it when I returned to Michigan.

"I have now been using the water for five months and continue to benefit greatly from using it every day. I fully intend to continue with the use of this product and I will be sure to let you folks know about any additional progress and even failures although nothing negative has happened to date. I feel it is important to let you know my completely objective feelings and opinions about Polarized Water and update you with my progress. To this day I still have an amazing sense of wonderment with respect to the feelings of relief from some of my most troubling symptoms." READ MORE

"I started drinking Ultra-pure Polarized Water five months ago without any big expectations. After being diagnosed three years ago with a neurological disorder, things seemed to be going down hill on a daily basis for me. Trouble breathing became a big problem for me also. I have not had any wheezing or shortness of breath in the five months on Ultra-pure Polarized Water. I am doing things again that I had been unable to do for the past couple of years (e.g. walking my dog, walking flights of stairs without difficulty), with no swelling in my feet and legs (this had been a problem over the past year). My weight is down by 14 pounds. I know for sure that I am on to something good. My last visit to my Neurologist was a positive one. His last comment was "you look wonderful no one can look at you and know you have a neurological disorder.” Facial masking and stooped posture is very common. Needless to say I was very happy. I thank you and all involved with Ultra-pure Polarized Water. I am so grateful to have found this great product!"

R.N. of Florida

"I am a United States Marine Veteran and I recently started using Ultra-pure Polarized Water. I suffer from a reactive airway narrowing as a result of repeated tours of duty overseas and was totally desperate for something that would allow me to breathe easy. Before trying the Ultra-Pure Polarized water, I had been prescribed four different medications for my breathing and nothing was successful. I heard that this Polarized Water had been beneficial to others with complaints about their health, so I gave it a try. At first I was drinking the water and then I used it in a cold humidifier during the night. From the first night of usage, I felt the benefits. I can now breathe easy and am able to play with my new daughter. My wife and I were so satisfied with my results that we decided to give some to the baby when mixing her formula. My daughter was constantly gassy, cried often, and did not have regular bowel movements. The Ultra-Pure Polarized Water has seemed to ease all three of her issues. She is now a happier baby, with much less pain. I don't know how I would have managed my health and day-to-day events, on top of being a new father, without my Ultra-pure Polarized water. Thank you for all the hard work, I hope you know how much of a difference your product makes!"

Eric S. of Sebring, Florida

"I started drinking Ultra-pure Polarized Water five months ago without any big expectations. After being diagnosed three years ago with a neurological disorder disease, things seemed to be going down hill on a daily basis for me. Trouble breathing became a big problem for me also. I have not had any wheezing or shortness of breath in the five months on Ultra-pure Polarized Water. I am doing things again that I had been unable to do for the past couple of years. Walking my dog. Walking flights of stairs without difficulty, no swelling in my feet and legs (this had been a problem over the past year). My weight is down by 14 pounds. I know for sure that I am on to something good. My last visit to my Neurologist was a positive one. His last comment was "you look wonderful no one can look at you and know you have a neurological disorder.” Facial masking and stooped posture is very common. Needless to say I was very happy. I thank you and all involved with Ultra-pure Polarized Water. I am so grateful to have found this great product!"

R.N. of Florida

"Dear AquaNew Team, I could never thank you enough for this amazing water. My friend was such a dear to ask me to try it for at least six weeks. I was faithful, and – as I told you both – it really helped me! I felt so very much better and had so much energy. My husband is amazed at the difference in me. Since I have a neurological disorder and a suppressed immune system, low thyroid and low blood sugar, I am usually without energy. I now go all day and even enjoy going to dinner in the evening. I might rest for an hour during the day, but before the water, I was in bed most of the day. That is a big difference! I did nothing different other than the water. I have had my big toe nail removed last week. Not a pretty sight and painful. I have been spritzing it with your water and it is healing very quickly."

A.C. of Florida

"My son PV2 Nicolas was home on leave after graduating basic and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He and some buddies were hanging out here at the house the weekend he got home. Most of them being young men were anxious to see if he could "take them down" now that he is a trained military police officer. So needless to say the wrestling and rowdiness began. Before I knew it he had stepped bare foot into the fire pit with his left foot landing directly on a red hot log. I didn't think twice about it, I brought him in sat him at the kitchen table got out the foot bath and filled it with the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water from the fridge. We sat around the table, talking while he soaked his foot. He asked me how long he needed to soak it for and I said until you don't feel any pain. He said mom it has only been about thirty minutes and it feels great. I told him to let me look at it. He pulled it out of the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water, and the only sign of him stepping in the fire was the black mark on the bottom of his foot, from the burnt log. The next morning when he woke I asked him how his foot felt and he said, ‘Fine. Look you can not even tell.' His foot looked and felt completely normal with no sign of any injury. We absolutely LOVE the Water!!!! It is truly amazing."

Sara D. of Myakka City, Florida

"I have the two kids with a neurological disorder. I wanted to let you know that the kids are better! We started the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water and then stopped it about a couple weeks into it because of other interventions we were doing at the time. Anyway, about a month ago we started the Water and we all noticed that they were better! My son is talking a bit more, *stimming more, but talking and looking at you more. My daughter is getting more sophisticated in her thought process. For example, she asked, "How much longer till Christmas?". And the other night they were actually playing together. They have done this in the past, but not to this extent. It lasted a good 40 minutes! I just wanted to give you an update and tell you how lucky I feel to have been introduced to you (by Dr. Smith)!"

Sara C. of Alexandra, Virginia

*Stimming is a repetitive body movement that self-stimulates one or more senses in a regulated manner.

"In May of 2007, I was diagnosed with a condition affecting my lymphatic system that was also affecting my bone marrow. I had previously been diagnosed with a immune disorder, for which my doctors expressed concerns about my ability to fight the newly diagnosed condition with the risk of infection.

"I began chemotherapy in May of 2007, during which time I had been ingesting Ultra-Pure Polarized Water. My doctor and the nurses told me that my hair would fall out due to the intense chemotherapy drugs. Interestingly, all of the nurses were amazed each week that passed, that I did not lose my hair. However, I stopped drinking the water during treatment for a two-week period of time and the hair on my upper right leg fell out and began to thin on my head.

"Upon resuming consumption of the Water, my hair returned and remained intact throughout the remainder of the treatment. After four months of treatment, a PET scan was conducted and the results were very promising. My affected lymph nodes had returned to normal size and only a small portion of one of my lymph nodes was of concern.

"However, the doctor thought it was most likely only scar tissue from the original biopsy. Two additional months of chemo were completed, 'just to be safe.' A bone marrow biopsy and a PET scan were conducted in January, 2008; both were negative for the condition. While I am confident the chemotherapy is the reason for my remission, I believe the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water prevented me from losing my hair and it also helped keep me healthy and gave me additional strength. It is difficult enough to be fighting two separate conditions, but by retaining my 'healthy' appearance and allowing me to blend in with the general population, treatment was much more tolerable. The only down side, was having to constantly remind my visiting friends and relatives that I was going through treatment and I had physical limitations. I looked so well that it was apparently difficult for them to grasp that there was anything wrong with me. I'm not complaining. I would be interested to see medical trials conducted with people consuming Ultra-Pure Polarized Water versus consuming regular water during treatment. While I don't have documented proof on the benefits of this Water, I know there was a noticeable improvement in my health and my appearance when I was drinking it. I think you have developed a product with huge undiscovered benefits. Thank you!"

Michael F.

"I have been drinking Ultra-Pure Polarized Water since April of 2007. I have noticed many benefits and wanted to share a few of them. I have had a few cooking burns on my hands and immediately sprayed the burn with this Water the pain goes away instantly and it heals completely within a few days—no blistering, no scarring. I have also found that by drinking at least a bottle every day, my appetite has decreased dramatically. I have struggled with my weight for many years and this is the first time that I don't actually feel hungry all the time. I have lost about 10 lbs. and feel that the weight will continue to come off slowly but surely. Last week, I had surgery for some female repairs—my Dr. told me that I would most likely come home from the hospital with a catheter, due to all the swelling in the area of my surgery. As soon as they said I could drink water, I started drinking Ultra-Pure Polarized Water and continued all night long, filling my foley bag numerous times. The nurse's were amazed at how much urine I was able to pass, and were even more amazed at how well I felt. I had no need for pain medications—I feel that the Water worked quickly to flush the anesthesia out of my system and hydrated my body. The next morning, they decided to remove the catheter and told me if I could void on my own, there would not be a need to be re-catheterized. I had no problem voiding and have been healing beautifully since being discharged. The powers of this water are just being discovered, but I highly encourage any of you to start drinking it!"

Sue M. of Florida

"I was introduced to Ultra-Pure Polarized Water approximately two months ago and basically tried it thinking it would help me with arthritis that I was experiencing in my right hand (primarily my right thumb). For the last several years I've had arthritic discomfort to my big toes and thumbs. Most recently I've experienced severe pain in my right thumb to the point that it was unbearable to shake hands. Within a matter of two weeks, after drinking approximately 6-8 ounces of the Water a day, 95 percent of the pain has gone and I have a wider range of motion in my right thumb. I've also noticed a decrease in overall aches within the neck and lower back area."

David T. of Florida

"I have been using the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water since April 16, 2007. I was advised to use it with glycerin for skin care (wrinkles). I decided to apply it to a scar on my leg from a brown recluse spider bite I got over a year ago to see if it would help. The scar was about as big as a half dollar and the color was brown. What the heck ... Can't hurt to try! When the brown recluse spider bites you, it's venom kills and eats the skin tissue. I ended up in the hospital because of complications and a staph infection. The doctor had to cut off the black dead skin that was about the size of a dime and about 1/8" if not more deep. The after affect was a brown scar surrounding the area where the skin was cut off that was about the size of a half dollar and quite noticeable. So, then I started applying the Water (mixed with glycerin) with a cotton ball in the morning before dressing and in the evening before bed. Within two weeks, the brown area was completely gone and the skin color is normal. The dime-sized area where the skin was cut off is still puckered and pink but it also seems to be fading. This Ultra-Pure Polarized Water is amazing. Actually, it's super! It's Super Water! My only regret is that I didn't take a before and after picture. Seeing is believing. I saw and I believe in the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water!"

Lauren B. of Florida

Click here to View Lauren's Video Testimonial.

"I wanted to let you know about my mother. As you know, she was diagnosed with a bacterial skin infection on her leg on Friday, 7/20.On Saturday, I took a spray bottle of the special Water and two gallons to her. I insisted that she start drinking at least two tall glasses of water a day and to spray her leg with the Water. She started this immediately. When I saw her on Saturday, her leg was swollen and very red. When I saw her on Monday, almost all of the redness was gone and the swelling was gone. She went to the doctor today and he was amazed at how great she was doing. The doctor had originally threatened to put her in the hospital today if she was not a lot better. We are so relieved that she does not have to be hospitalized.

"My mother usually has a difficult time recovering from any illness, especially infections. I truly believe that the water is what healed her so quickly and I am going to encourage her to continue drinking it as a preventive. I think you have another customer for this amazing Water! Thank you again for sharing it with me."

Sharon F. of Florida


CLARITY (mental and visual)

"My husband and I feel we are so much more energetic especially drinking 8 oz. each morning and the same in the evening. We also noticed a big difference in our eyesight-we both can read small print without glasses and find if we are driving at night or before the sun is up in the morning-everything is so much clearer and really beautiful-amazing."

Ann and John C. of Florida

"I noticed from my very first 8 ounce glass of the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water that my vision improved. I work on computers from the time the sun rises into long hours of the night and my eyes get very tired. In the last three years I had to get glasses for the first time in my life and they have only helped a the eye strain/tiredness a little bit. After regularly drinking the Water I definitely noticed better vision, which I didn't expect at all. After that I began spraying my eyes when they get red and sore from allergies and strain and its an instant relief! I clean my glasses to amazing sparkingly clean and use it to clean all my digital camera lenses and the interior sensor too! The clarity is simply amazing!"

Thom of Florida



"I am 71 years old and run half marathons (13.1 mi.). Drinking Ultra-pure Polarized Water has greatly enhanced my running. On day of race, March 11, 2012, I decreased my time by 1 min. a mile and no potty stops! I was on the Water only several weeks of practice runs, so I am confident even more improvement is possible as I continue drink this energizing water. Thank you AquaNew!"

Esther B. of Sarasota, Florida

"I've noticed that I seem to have more energy (far more than when I've tried those so-called "energy drinks and waters" which claim to boost the metabolism and give you more energy) ... Ultra-Pure Polarized Water is the only liquid that I've ever found to actually do this, and naturally!"

Diana of Florida




Anthony Radetic (2015 P1 AquaX Athlete of the Year)"My recommendation for any athlete going full throttle is to remember to stay hydrated and drink AquaNew's Polarized Water often while exercising or out in the heat for a prolonged time. Hydration is closely monitored when I participate in intense workouts with a group of elite athletes from the U.S. Military. I remain well hydrated - better than most in my group – I know it's because of the Polarized Water!"

Anthony Radetic (2015 P1 AquaX Athlete of the Year)

Arlene McKitrick (Professional Tennis Player and Coach)"I have been drinking AquaNew's Polarized Water for detox, mental alertness, hydration and cellular regeneration. I never hit the course without a bottle of the Polarized Water in tow!"

Arlene McKitrick (Professional Tennis Player and Coach)

Carl Clark (All-Time Golf Tournament Champion)"Hydration is the most important thing for me on match days. If I'm properly hydrated, it allows me to compete better over longer periods of time. My drink of choice is AquaNew's Polarized Water. I've been drinking it for over two years now. I like it because it's naturally filled with electrons that fight against oxidative stress and inflammation. I think it's the best product on the market, and I can really feel the difference compared to regular water. It gives me more energy, and I can feel an immediate boost when I drink it."

Carl Clark (All-Time Golf Tournament Champion)

Scott Brown — Watt-Ahh®/National Guard Sponsored Offshore Race Boat Driver

"I am a driver that competes in the Offshore Grand Prix Boat Races. My throttleman and I drop about 4 to 5 pounds each during a race. I think the Watt-Ahh® folks have really hit on something since we remain in better condition during and after the race."

Offshore Race Boat Driver Scott Brown, J&S Motorsports, 2009 Watt-Ahh/National Guard Sponsored Race Boat




"Ultra-Pure Polarized Water has helped me is because I was having trouble with constipation (okay, how embarrassing!) I taking laxatives once or twice a week. I was eating bran, drinking regular water and eating healthy stuff, but still having constipation. I was just about ready to try those fiber pills because I didn't like using the laxatives so often. After the drinking the Water for only two days, I am completely normal. I drink one glass during lunch with my vitamin and one glass with my dinner. That's all it takes to keep you regular and I'm loving it!"

Lauren B. of Florida



"I use Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in my espresso machine. Not only does it keep the machine like new (no scale), the espresso is more flavorful and robust and there is no bitter aftertaste."

Bill S. of Florida

"Coffee and iced tea will never be the same again! Both taste amazing using Ultra-Pure Polarized Water! Coffee is far more full-bodied, and iced tea tastes clean and refreshing. I've found all foods cooked with the Water taste better, and pasta cooks faster."

Sue of Florida



"I keep Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in a spray bottle in the bathroom, and apply it to my skin for a refreshing tingle after showering, as well as with my toothpaste when brushing my teeth (it really makes my mouth feel fresh and clean, and it makes the toothpaste really foam!) I rinse in the shower with it, and put it in my vaporizer, for a cleansing moisture treatment, which also serves as an Ultra-Pure Polarized Water treatment for my sinuses! My favorite daily ritual is applying my moisturizer and then spritzing with the Water for an amazing moisture base before putting on make-up!"

Corinne of Florida

"At night, I've been spritzing a little Ultra-Pure Polarized Water on a cotton ball to remove mascara. Wow! It works with less amount than commercial makeup remover, one or two swipes does the job - without streaking, and I love how clean and fresh my eyelids feel -none of the dryness of alcohol nor the goopiness of oily products. Bravo! I'm also spritzing it on my whole face - it feels so good!"

Amy S. of New York



"For the past two weeks, I've been using Ultra-pure Polarized Water in my laundry (both wash and rinse), and have had wonderful results! In the wash, the Water accelerates the detergent, so less is required, and in the rinse, it cleans the soap completely out of clothes, bedding and towels (which you can tell from the incredibly reduced lint!). With cats, I contend with lots of cat hair, but now it seems to rinse out almost completely in the wash, so the is hardly a trace in the lint trap of the dryer! With water, the better! In two weeks, I've found dozens of uses for the Water, which will make my life easier, and improve the quality of my life in the process! I'm reducing the chemicals in my home, and providing cleaner environment for myself, my family, and my pets. I'm sold!"

Amanda of Florida

"We used Ultra-pure Polarized Water in our washing machine and noticed how bright the colors are and how white the whites are a real improvement and also spots are dramatically gone."

Ann and John C. of Florida

"I have cobalt blue tile in my Roman shower along with glass block. The "special" water worked beautifully on both the tile and block as far as the hard water stains are concerned. The only way I could get it off previously was this stuff I made into a paste and had to scrub and scrub with a scrub pad - the skin would come off my finger tips! I could not believe how easy the hard water stain was removed with this Water."

Sharon F. of Florida



"I observed cut roses in a vase filled with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water outlasted roses in tap water by 20% to 30% longer. This increased shelf life for the Polarized Water flowers is substantial for $60 per dozen roses and the logistic/shipping savings for holdovers and reduced wastage is significant. The tap water flowers wilted, bent over, and became flaccid two days before any flowers in the Polarized Water started to bend. The Polarized Water flowers opened up and stayed turgid after they started to “bow”. Also, the Polarized Water had a “flower smell” and the tap water had a moldy smell like the bugs were taking over. Additionally, it is interesting to note that on some of the flowers in Polarized Water, there was actually tan water dripping out of the rose heads. It was as if their xylem was still pumping water at a living rate to the rose heads. I have never seen this before. It's like the roses in Polarized Water want to "live" after they had been thru the guillotine."

Eugene Dedick, Masters in P-Chem

(Note: For more details on Eugene’s study and photos, please go to this link:

"Placing fresh flowers in Ultra-Pure Polarized Water is a fun endeavor! Flowers bloom fast, and stay fresh far longer than in regular water, without the slimy film that forms on water after a few days with cut flowers. In plants and grasses, Ultra-Pure Polarized Water is showing increased blooms, and faster growth in just about all cases!"

Glenda of Florida



"Hi Rob & Dana! Hopefully you have new buyers from my area... I share testimony often, usually at dr appts! In addition, I want to share for Mabel... one of our pet Pekin ducks. She survived an attack & I found her severely injured & paralyzed. Unable to stand or walk, she couldn't escape the attack & had I not gone outside & discovered, surely would have died. I brought her in & hand fed & watered her for almost 2 weeks, while she was recovering. Sadly, still unable to stand or walk... BUT... I decided to replace her regular water with the Polarized Water! 2 coffee cups full, the next day she was standing! Few more cups & she began walking again! Only TWO days of getting a few cups of the Water... .I was able to put her back outside with her flock friends! Only a slight limp now, Mabel is happy & enjoying life again! I gladly share her testimony for her! My only regret is not giving her the Polarized Water much sooner! My family, including feathered, are so grateful for the Water! I will continue to share my testimony to strangers I meet in waiting rooms! Hoping yall are having a blessed holiday season & I eagerly anticipate my next shipment."

Angela P. of South Carolina


Update from Angela a few months later: "Mabel is still doing great … and here is another testimonial. I love my pet birds & will sell baby chickens, guineas & turkeys to strictly 'Pets ONLY' homes ....One freshly hatched batch of Guinea Keets, there was one baby hatched with "splayed legs" common in hatch birds. Many don’t live long as they cannot stand or walk. Its caused by tendon injury usually during hatching ... Some can be saved via taping/bracing legs over a period of weeks with legs held in place while tendons slowly heal ... it is rare to survive … the healing process is long & extra effort has to be made for the chick to access food/water etc." Angela described how she tied both legs of the so tiny little hatchling Guinea Keet using a small rubber band and a bread twister tie. Angela continues … "I definitely wanted to give the lil guy Polarized Water ... So using the bottle cap, I filled it & dipped his tiny beak into it ... only able to drink drops worth but did this several times over the course of a day and a half. The chick had no interest in food ... and my hope for it surviving much less healing was low. In any case, only getting drops of the Polarized Water .. the chick perked up and tried to maneuver with braced legs but couldn’t ... but peeped loudly in protest of its ...Within TWO days time ... the wire came loose & the chick was WALKING … Lil Button was put back with group of many lil keets … some much older & larger. Lil Button is perfectly.eating, drinking, & running normal & fully healed in RECORD TIME thanks to the Polarized Water!!!!!!! Never never have I heard/seen a splayed leg recovery so fast! Lil Button is happy to be alive & healed! … I don’t have a pic of 'before' because prognosis is poor on splayed chicks.;mostly don’t make it..I wish I had taken a 'before' pic though ... Legs splayed out in 'split' position.'s pics of happy healed button now! Though tiny he has already grown alot since hatching out with bad splayed legs just a week ago!"


A second update from Angela about a third animal recovery: "Sharing a miracle. On the night of May 23, 2020, I woke to hearing my Guinea Roo "predator alert" at 2 am. Went outside to chaos & panic with my birds. A chick ran past me & into weeds ... its momma ran near me & collapsed. I saw a coyote on other side of fence. I yelled to scare it. There's a turkey pen right there & momma hen had made a sleep spot in the turkey pen near fence. Well, it seems coyote reached thru large fence holes & grabbed sleeping momma hen and tried to pull her thru the fence. I interrupted the attack. There were so many bloody feathers at the scene with large pieces of skin attached to the feathers. I grabbed momma hen and brought her inside. She was in shock. She was motionless.

I went back out in search of her babies and retrieved one that hid in the weeds. I found the other one the next day and brought them in with momma".

Angela describes the trauma and her use of the Polarized Water such that the momma hen was back in the barnyard within two weeks after the coyote attack.

Read the rest of the hen's recovery story here and then click on the fourth box on the right with a woman sitting on a boulder with the title "Breathe!".


"I drink the Polarized Water because of its many hydration benefits and healing properties to the body and especially the brain. I even give it to my pets to keep them healthy. I am a retired military RN and fully understand the great health ramifications provided by the Polarized Water.

Interestingly enough, I first learned about his (Rob Gourley’s) amazing miracle water from my new Veterinarian. My senior female boxer, Sassy, had developed an eye condition which two Vets diagnosed and treated with antibiotic and steroids for almost two months. Her eye got a little better and then got much, much worse. I sought out an 'alternative health, holistic Vet' in Blue Ridge, GA. She then stopped all previous treatments, diagnosing my dog with the primary condition of glaucoma (high blood pressure in the eye). The high blood pressure was shutting down blood flow to her vital eye organs. Due to the length and severity of her condition, more complications had occurred, such as deep corneal abrasions and clouding on her left cornea, to the point she was essentially blind in her left eye. The Vet put Sassy on the Polarized Water to help with the healing of her cloudiness and deep abrasions, along with two other meds to bring down the blood pressure. Within weeks, amazing results were seen. The follow-up Vet visit was a marked improvement, and her third follow-up visit indicated the corneal abrasions had fully healed. The cloudiness had lessened and cleared at the bottom of her left eye so she is able to see out of that eye now. I continue to flush both of my dog's eyes with the Polarized Water 3x/day and then administer only one medication in order to keep her pressures in the normal range. The Vet encouraged me to look up the Polarized Water on the internet and read all about it. I got so excited learning about this miracle water that I am now purchasing it for myself, my husband and my pets. BTW, the entire staff at Vet’s clinic drinks at least 1L per day ... and they all love it :-)

Thank you for this wonderful water!"

Rebecca Anderson of North Carolina


"Thumper is healed! Two weeks ago, Thumper developed diarrhea. For a rabbit, that can be deadly. Nothing had changed in his diet or environment EXCEPT for the thunder and rain storms. Don't get me wrong; Thumper lives indoors, in a pen, Ozone air and organic food in a 400-square-foot area. He lives like a king.

"Thumper wouldn't drink. I decided to put a bowl of Polarized Water next to him, and he started drinking it. For three days, I put down a fresh bowl, and this morning, when I went to check on him, he was hopping around, ate all his food and there were nice round pellets in the litter box! Thank you, AquaNew, for saving Thumper's life!"

Wendy of Florida

"I came home from work one day and noticed my dog, Bella, was lethargic and had a high fever. After taking her to the emergency veterinarian clinic that was open only on weekends, my family was informed that Bella had to be put on fluids and needed to spend the night there; we had learned that her white blood cell count dropped to a very low amount and were told she would be better in the morning. The next morning, she showed no improvement.

"We received a phone call later that night that Bella's kidneys were failing and we prepared ourselves for a very painful outcome. We were certain that Bella would have to be euthanized because she was not responding to fluids or any medications being given to her; she could barely lift her head. We were allowed to bring her home before her Monday appointment with the vet at another location. At this point, I decided to purchase some Ultra-pure Polarized Water to see if it would help give Bella more strength to fight whatever was making her ill.

"Over the next week, she began to show more energy. Her white blood cell count had not improved, but it was such a happy moment to see her be able to walk around at home. The vet continued to experiment with medications while we continued giving Bella the Ultra-pure Polarized Water and she made more and more improvements. Eventually, her white blood cell count returned to normal and, though the vet claims Bella finally responded to the medication, I strongly believe her recovery was due to the Ultra-pure Polarized Water she was given. It saved her life!"

Katie of Florida

"My patients seem to respond to the homeopathy treatments quicker when using Ultra-pure Polarized Water in our custom-made homotox preparations."

Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, DVM, CVA, Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives; Sarasota, Florida

"My dog, Diesel, sustained bite injuries which we thought were the result of a snake, spider, or some other insect, which caused swelling and infection to take place in Diesel's leg. As time went on, the “bite” area became more swollen and infected, however, a friend told me about the Ultra-pure Polarized Water that he had used to soak and wrap his dog's injured leg, and he recommended that I try this. I did as my friend suggested, and within two days, Diesel's leg began to heal, with reduced swelling. I have provided photographs of Diesel's injury area, after two days of treating with a dressing soaked in the Ultra-pure Polarized Water (click here for more info). I'm thankful to have been told about this Water, and I'm sure Diesel is too!"

Michael K. of Florida

"My Rednose Pit-bull, Nestle, a certified therapy dog, was bitten by a raccoon and sustained a puncture injury to her paw. I wanted to clean the wound, so I used the Ultra-pure Polarized Water to rinse the puncture area, and then I wrapped Nestle's paw with a cloth that had been soaked in the Water, to keep it clean over night. I was very happy to see that next day the wound was closed up and within two days, Nestle's puncture wound was completely healed. You could hardly see the location where she had been bitten! I would absolutely recommend the Ultra-pure Polarized Water to pet-owners, not only for hydration, but for the treatment of topical injuries."

Ralph B. of Florida

"Just wanted you to know that Ultra-Pure Polarized Water corrected my little old dog's eye problems. I used to have to clean his eyes 4 times a day. Now if I give him 1 squirt of Water in and around his eyes -- the problem is gone. I do this now 4 times a day instead of the painful cleaning of his eyes. In 3 days I was calling him "Bright Eyes" -- before it was green glue causing his eyes to be matted shut. He loves getting the 1 squirt on his face."

Charlene of Florida

"I fill the bowl with Ultra-pure Polarized Water and there are three or four (depending on how many dogs I have) dog snouts in the bowl and they keep at it until it's all gone. I do use it after a foster dog has had their neuter/spa operation, because they're taking antibiotics, and I want to make sure they get absorbed.

"I started doing that when I saw how much faster my vitamin powder dissolved in Ultra-Pure Polarized Water as opposed to tap water. It dissolves with very little stirring and doesn't clump up, so I figured it would to the same in the dogs to help get the antibiotic into the blood stream.

"I also use it as a disinfectant, and give it to my vet and ask them to use this water instead of saline to flush the wound before and after stitches, and I've had no infections, even in the minor wounds that I don't take them to the vet for. I just keep it flushed with water once or twice a day, and it seems to work."

Diana of Sarasota, Florida (an adoptive Mom for retired racing Greyhounds)

Click here to View Diana's Video Testimonial
Click here to View Diana's Pet Video Testimonial.

"Rupert, our eight-year-old Welsh Corgi, was diagnosed with a glandular condition five years ago. He receives monthly shots of a steroid, which replaces the hormone his Adrenal gland no longer produces. Without this shot, Rupert would die. In the past, Rupert would start to "slow down" three weeks into his four-week shot cycle. Rupert started drinking Ultra-Pure Polarized Water full time about one year ago. We thought it might help with the inflammation he has in his joints (a common condition in long backed dogs.) Rupert became much more agile a few months after he began taking the Water. However, he also stopped "slowing down" at the end of his steroid shot cycle. We have extended his steroid shot cycle out to six to seven weeks between shots. Today he had blood work before he got his shot. He should have shown some problems with liver and kidney function. Everything was NORMAL! In an abundance of caution, we gave him the shot. However, we will watch closely and extend the shot cycle further next time and have the blood work repeated. I am ecstatic that his movement is better and the improvement in his blood work is WONDERFUL! The only change in his diet and routine is the Ultra-Pure Polarized Water. Makes me wonder about the positive changes we see. Rupert acts like the puppy that we fell in love with, not the "old" dog we knew last year"

Liz and Bill of Florida

"Our 17-year-old Snow Leopard/Bengal Tiger mix house cat has always been active crazy cat, but she's slowed down a little bit over the last couple years. My son sent us some Ultra-Pure Polarized Water as a Christmas gift and we gave our Tillie a healthy portion in her bowl. It was like rocket fuel for her. Within a day or two she was racing around the house just like she was a kitten again, we were amazed and so happy. She drank more Ultra-Pure Polarized Water than she has drunk regular water in years. She climbed to the top of her kitty climber, let out a big yell to let the other cats in the neighborhood know she was feeling great, and then zipped around the house several times. She is sleeping a lot less, playing more, her fur is shinier and the funny girl won't drink anything else now. She has a glass of Ultra-Pure Polarized Water on the nightstand next to our bed, and her own glass in the kitchen, a big bowl on the porch, and she sure lets us know if they need refilling. Thank you for winding up our old girl again - she takes care of all of us!"

Tom and Marg of Washington


"Because Ultra-Pure Polarized Water stays clean and algae doesn't form, I'll be much happier to fill my bathtub with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in preparation for a hurricane (instead of adding a cup of BLEACH to the water, to keep it clean and free of contaminants!). I've told my Mom to replace her birdbath water with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water for the same reason!"

Alan of Florida



STAINS Use a spray bottle filled with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water to enhance the cleaning power of a stain remover on clothes prior to washing.

SMOOTH SKIN Add a small amount of glycerin into a spray bottle filled with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water and use on skin for a smooth, tingly feel. Also, use a Q-tip and dab with the glycerin and Ultra-Pure Polarized Water mix to remove mascara.

FROZEN FISH After defrosting, soak fish in Water with lime for about 30 minutes, making cooked fish moister and more flavorful.

WRINKLE-FREE Spray on wrinkled clothes and slightly stretch to improve the appearance.

MOUTHWASHAdd 25% Ultra-Pure Polarized Water to your mouthwash to enhance the cleaning of teeth.

TOOTHBRUSH Spray some Ultra-Pure Polarized Water into your mouth prior to brushing your teeth for a more tingly feeling.

SALAD For fresh, crisp salads, spray Ultra-Pure Polarized Water on romaine lettuce and fresh vegetables after washing and "spinning" them and prior to storage for ease of preparation during the week.

CLEANING EYEGLASSES Wash with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water to remove oils from eyeglasses.

CLEANING Dilute windshield cleaner with Ultra-Pure Polarized Water for less streaking. Also, the same solution removes more easily those pesky bugs including Florida's lovebugs smashed on the windshield.

COFFEE Recipe for "StarBetters": Use Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in making Starbucks coffee.

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS Use Ultra-Pure Polarized Water in water for longer lasting blooms and less cruddy looking water in the vase.

SHOWER Use Ultra-Pure Polarized Water, perhaps add a little cleanser, for shinny shower doors.

SUN SPRAY Spray Ultra-Pure Polarized Water on skin while in the sun for a superb cooling!


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