Be the Ahh! Champion — Hugh Brotherton (Softbball Player and Power Walker)

by AquaNew on March 9, 2018

in Be the Ahh! Champions, Health/Nutrition

Hugh Brotherton of Englewood, FL. is our newest Watt-Ahh Athlete Champion. He says the secret of his success is outliving his competition! Hugh is a Senior Softball Hall of Fame Honoree (Class of 2016) and a multiple Senior Softball World Champion.

A local eye sight clinic is a sponsor of Hugh’s 85+ senior softball team. The clinic did an action video on Hugh’s softball moves. On the video, Hugh also gives great tips for aspiring ball players of all ages including how essential it is to have good eyesight to see the ball. He also wrote us that … “perhaps the Watt-Ahh helps…”.

Hugh, we sincerely admire your zest for life and positive attitude in overcoming all challenges both on the field and at home when you and your wife, Carol, raised ten children. You have a true heart of a great athlete. Let’s play ball all of our lives! Rob and Dana Gourley


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