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by AquaNew on August 30, 2011

in Health/Nutrition, Pet Care

Watt-Ahh® and AquaNew® have found many like-minded people in Sarasota, Florida, and we delight in sharing ideas with “out-of-the-box” thinkers relative to improving the health of all people and animals. When we first met Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, (and his charming wife, Susan Blake Gonzalez), we were thrilled to find that they combine alternative modalities together with conventional medicine in caring for, (and restoring the health and wellness of), the myriad of patients at their veterinary practice, Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives.

Jaime Gonzalez, DVM, CVA

Dr. Gonzalez was introduced to Watt-Ahh® more than a year ago, and since that time he has tracked Watt-Ahh®’s ongoing testing, Studies, and Clinical information which has been forthcoming from labs and Universities, while sharing the properties of Watt-Ahh® with his furry patients. Patients may receive direction from Dr. Gonzalez to add Watt-Ahh® to their pet’s diet, to assist in detoxification, or to help resolve conditions which relate to improper absorption of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, Dr Jaime Gonzalez notes, “My patients seem to respond to the homeopathy treatments quicker when using Watt-Ahh® in our custom-made homotox preparations.” Dr. Gonzalez also understands the importance of proper hydration (for humans, as well as animals).

Dr. Gonzalez has provided exceptional care for animals, for more than 22 years, both as a small animal veterinarian, as well as having worked with two Veterinary Specialty Practices in Chicago. People who know “Dr. G,” are well aware of his deep Native American spiritual beliefs, and understand his passion for Holistic Medicine.


Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives


7509 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida 34231

(Located next to the Sarasota Emergency Clinic in South Trail Plaza)


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