AquaNew Rolls Out Its Commemorative 10th Anniversary One-Liter Watt-Ahh® Bottles

“It’s a high rise beauty, a great looking new bottle and label. It will pop on the shelf, looks more fun to heft, and a shelf will hold more product with this design.” ~Watt-Ahh® Customer Morgan W. of New York 

Watt-Ahh® is ready to move with our busy customers who want energy and hydration on the go. The slim, sleek bottle will fit in cup holders and sports bags. The even more compact and lighter half liter (16.9 oz.) bottles, which may be more compatible with some flimsy cup holders, continue to be available too.

The newest liter bottles rolled off the new assembly ramp on July 12, 2017. One quarter of the first production was sold in advance to customers who were willing to wait a couple more weeks for the new bottle. A rare behind-the-scenes video on the first production day can be seen below…

Watt-Ahh® is in its own category of bottled water. It is neither alkalinized nor electrolyte water since the latter typically has mineral additives such as sodium and potassium. Most electrolytes, which should be consumed instead in our food, typically slow passage of food from the stomach causing less pressure on the hydration level of kidneys to produce urine. It is fine to add electrolytes to any water but make sure they are in a chelated form for better bioavailability (we do not have gizzards to breakdown crud). Also, be careful with alkalinized water since it typically has a pH higher than that of the neutral pH (7.2) of our own blood. Instead, squeezing a lemon slice before drinking water can more naturally raise the pH if so desired.

Alternatively, Watt-Ahh® is ultra-pure polarized water with a growing nationwide reach. It is electron enriched, associated with small clusters of double water molecules that form stable, balanced crystalline-like structures. Watt-Ahh® has the crisp, clean and refreshing taste of 100% pure water with a molecular structure that works with cellular mitochondria for healing energy and recovery after vigorous exercise.

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