AquaNew’s Friends with Special Strengths – Steve, Dr. Deb and Kimberly

Strength in Character: Steve Browne, an AquaNew Driver (6.5 years)

Steve’s Quote: “I look forward to seeing our customers each week. They always ask me why I’m so happy, and I tell them it’s because I’m high on life. And, that’s the truth. I’ve always had a positive outlook.” When asked how he hopes people regard him, Steve answered, “I hope they see that I’m a person who cares.”

 It is always a celebration when the Watt-Ahh delivery van rolls back in at the end of a long delivery day, most Thursdays starting before sunrise. Steve and Stevers are upbeat even after delivering heavy cases of bottled water to doorsteps, and they recently hit an all-time record of delivering 15,000 equivalent 16.9 oz. bottles in one day. Each day, both earn the title of “Happy Guys,” and we have customers that consistently tell us they look forward to seeing them to brighten their day too. READ MORE

Steve is celebrating a big-0 birthday on Wednesday, July 26! If you guess his age (he will proudly tell you the answer), your guess will likely be wrong by at least one decade. Wish the Happy Guy, a Happy One!

Strength in Giving Back: Dr. Deb Cox Wood, PhD, ND (Naturopathic Doctor)

Dr. Deb’s Quote: “Heal the Brain. Release the Pain.”

Dr. Deb identifies TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as “signature illnesses of our Veterans and First Responders.” She describes herself as a grateful American for their giving of their lives, and she says it is her duty to give back. Dr. Deb is fulfilling her promise with meaningful actions, being an author, helicopter pilot, and founder of the beautiful Renova Center in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as several organizations that assist our veterans in recovery, including Veterans Center of Hampton Roads and Battle Dawgs. She even opens her Alaskan home as a retreat for veterans. READ MORE


Strength in Healing: Kimberly Hayes Curcio, President of Delphi University

Kimberly’s Quote: “The effects of the Polarized Water are magical and seem to be a significant source of healing, going wherever in the body there is a need.” READ MORE on the rest of Kimberly’s testimonial.

Kimberly is the lead administrator as well as a counselor and a teacher at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, nestled on the hillside of McCaysville, GA. Delphi University  students  travel from all corners of the world  to pursue degrees and certifications from at least four schools of healing. Kimberly’s expertise is in light energization. She is also a published author and film producer, including a chronical on the life of Mauricio Panisset and other famous healers.

Last month, Kimberly hosted the “Watt-Ahh Event” when AquaNew CEO Rob Gourley was the keynote speaker. Kimberly and one of her partners, Audrey Delahunt, compiled a booklet on AquaNew (shown in the photo to the right). A 10-cell WIT Machine operates on site, and Watt-Ahh® is available in the campus store.