Our Lockdown List

Lest we forget the lessons of this time, we started this list. It is our sincere hope that we never need to recall this list in the future due to another impending epidemic or worse, another deadly pandemic.  We will never forget the essential workers who worked the front lines in assisting patients and those […]

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Why We Use PET-1 Plastic Bottles

One of the most frequent of the FAQ’s that we receive is why use PET-1 (non-PBA plastic) for Watt-Ahh? The short answer is for safety, sanitation and product integrity. History of Bottled Water Several years ago, I was intrigued when someone asked me about the history of bottled water (pure, non-mineralized). My husband and I […]

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Caveman Trivia – The Results

Our question that was posted on AquaNew’s Facebook Page last weekend: Ancient man did not have antibiotic drugs but mankind survived. Question: What is the chemical compound made in ancient man that is also made by our own bodies, and defends against bad bacteria? Drum Roll, Please! The answer is: Hydrogen Peroxide Our own bodies […]

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