Cellular Energy vs. Physical Energy – AHA! Discovery on Healing Requires Energy for September 2022

We are more than midway into this year’s AHA! Discovery Series on “Healing Requires Energy”. There is a difference in the types of energy in human beings: physical and cellular. We should clarify that it is cellular energy that is needed for healing and Watt-Ahh (100% active water) provides support for cellular energy. It can be more subtle while physical energy can give an immediate zing when someone drinks an energy drink loaded with sugar, caffeine and other stimulants.

Physical energy from either food or beverages that we consume are traditionally measured in calories or kilogram calories (kcal). The Nutrition Facts Chart that provide calorie counts is a dated carryover from measuring exercise-related (physical) energy consumption. In addition to the Nutrition Facts Chart, a “Bioenergetic Facts Chart” should be included for healthy products such as Watt-Ahh that show cellular energy potential.

How to Measure Cellular or Mitochondrial Energy

The novel concept of a Bioenergetic Facts Chart on the labels of consumable products should be based on bioenergetic units (or mitochondrial ATP units produced) instead of calories. In reviewing several scientific reports, there are many methods, both in vitro (isolated mitochondria) and in vivo, for determining levels of mitochondrial respiration. For example, the efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation (electron transfer in the production of ATP) can be measured in isolated mitochondria within the laboratory using the high-resolution respirometry. The general concept underlying this method is to measure the amount of oxygen consumed for a given amount of ATP synthesized by the mitochondria.

Oxidation of glucose and fatty acids from the food and beverages we consume that support mitochondrial respiration, metabolism, production of reactive oxygen species, and programmed cellular life cycles … all essential biofunctions … would seem to be more nutritionally and functionally relevant for the human body when compared to that of calories.

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