Racing with Supercharged Water and Fast-track Hydration – An Interview of AquaNew’s Rob Gourley

May 1, 2022 — Check out the trailer for this video here.

Rob Gourley, inspired by his “inventified” family relatives and friends, talks on a new video about his discovery of DiTetra Gas. The Gas is the supercharged state of water that has countless uses from restructuring fuel for cleaner/cooler/ better internal combustion engine performance to restructuring water for optimum hydration for extreme athletes and those seeking energy to heal. Indeed, DiTetra Gas may help solve global thermal warming problems and save the continued use of the internal combustion engine (ICE) worldwide.

Rob Gourley is an engine power guy who uses trial-and-error methods to learn how to transfer engine horsepower to either the ground, ice or water for high-speed performance including racing cars in Downtown Boston, super boat races on the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Naval ferry conversions for vehicle transport in the Virgin Islands, and on ice, Rolligons with mammoth- sized tundra buggy tires and huge customed-trailers used to move multi-storied buildings across the frozen arctic of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska back in the 1970’s. In his workshop in Prudhoe Bay while maintaining and improving designs of heavy-duty trucks for the Alaska Pipeline construction, Rob started his research on capturing the energy potential of water. His breakthrough finally came in the mid-2000’s, when he discovered how to make the plasma gas state of water that he calls DiTetra Gas. The electron-enriched water under the brand name of Watt-Ahh bottled water has great commercial success and has been revolutionary in providing super-charged hydration, healthy energy and immunity for its customers.

With all of the global concern over climate change and spiraling energy costs, Rob is compelled to return to his engine power roots by using DiTetra Gas to restructure fuel. His opinion is that the thermal heat from internal combustion engines (ICE) is the main global problem. He has discovered that engines running on this restructured fuel have cooler operating temps., greater horsepower, better fuel efficiency and more complete combustion with less pollutant emissions … plus very economical to treat the various types of fuel and the auto owner will appreciate the lower engine maintenance costs. Rob has certainly discovered how to save the future of ICE engines that can run cooler, faster, cleaner and is the answer that auto manufacturers are currently seeking to be able to meet the otherwise impossible federal government benchmark of 49-miles-per-gallon requirement for both new light trucks and passenger cars by 2026.

Topics Covered in this Documentary

(Minute 0:35) An Inventive Mind ROB GOURLEY

(Minute 2:21) Proctor Academy in Andover, NH: Rob’s high school days of workshop projects and serving as Fire Chief at the on-campus fire station

(Minute 3:31) Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA: Rob’s college days with more hands-on experience

(Minute 6:51) Inventified: Rob’s experiences with his inventive family

(Minute 7:44) Young Inventor/Entrepreneur

(Minute 9:04) If It’s Not Broke Make It Better

(Minute 10:46) The Sea Calls: Rob’s marine and super-boat racing projects

(Minute 13:26) Watt-Ahh

(Minute 23:39) Watt’s in a Name

(Minute 24:53) Super-charged Hydration and Sports Performance

(Minute 34:29) Restructured Fuel: Infusion of DiTetra Gas into fuels for cooler and cleaner engine performance

(Minute 50:58) The Future of Watt-Ahh and WIT Technology

(Minute 54:04) Credits

Credits and Contact Information

An Interview with Inventor Rob Gourley on his Technology Journey by Tom MacKnight of tmack Productions at the Watt-Ahh Fulfillment Center in Sarasota, FL., November 18, 2020. Inventor Rob Gourley is CEO of both WIT International and AquaNew.

Video Reviews

From Heidi of New York (April 30, 2022): “This was AMAZING. I’m so impressed. My husband and and I just watched it start to finish. Riveting.”

From Tim of New York (April 30, 2022): “My wife and I watched the whole video tonight on our tv. I was very impressed! I did have trouble with a few of the terms. Next time dumb it down for the civilians without advanced science degrees. Great job!”

From Patty of Texas (May 3, 2022): “My husband and I went down about a year ago. Who knows maybe it was that pallet of watt-ahh that hept keep Us alive. We semi-retired because that’s all we could function. We have slept every day off for over 6 months. Last week we did a two-day treatment with MMS which caused us to flush/detox. Today is the first day we have stayed awake all day since this mess began. And guess what we watched!!! Good job! So proud of you guys!!!”

From Anthony of Alabama (April 29, 2022): “Way Cool!”

Podcast entitled “Bioweapon & DNA Specialist Sterling Hill and Gail of Gaia on FREE RANGE, May 1, 2022, start at minute 106. Sterling is preparing for upcoming surgery and tells the audience that she is drinking 5 liters of Watt-Ahh per day for better hydration and less hemorrhaging during surgery.

From Carmen Topper, Author and the Winner of the 2018 President’s Book Award, Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) for her book entitled “Relevant Life Skills for Young Adults”: “Hi Dana, Thank you for sharing Rob’s video with me. I will send out to a few of my contacts that may be interested in learning more about the water. Fascinating story and a well done video.”


From Nada of Nadona International: “Thank you Rob for this interview! Life is good with WattAhh! I and my small community have been using it for the past seven years and don’t like going without it ever! Grateful!”