How to Care for Pets for a Longer and Healthier Life — AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for October of 2019

We all hope for healthy longevity for our dogs and cats. Reaching three decades for either a dog or cat could stretch existing world records.

One longevity secret is sharing your Watt-Ahh supply with your beloved pets. It will flush toxins out of kidneys so your cat can enjoy all nine of her lives. It is surprising the generosity of our customers towards their pets and a few buy Watt-Ahh for their pets only.

PuddyKat’s Ninth Life

My husband, Rob, recently saved the life of our neighbor’s cat, PuddyKat, an elderly Tuxedo Cat.  For the photo above, “Missy”, who is owned by my parents, is modeling her tuxedo.

Our neighbor was gone for over 3 months. After the first month, Rob intervened and gave emergency care to PuddyKat. She was weakened and near death by the lack of water needed to digest her dried food.

Our neighbor was told by the vet that PuddyKat has kidney failure. When Rob started to feed her, she slept most of the day and hobbled to the food with some coaxing by Rob. PuddyKat no longer could jump up on the furniture. Since PuddyKat may not have a strong sense of smell, Rob dipped his finger into the food and let her lick it and then showed her the rest of the food in her dish. Rob also filled her water bowl with Watt-Ahh every day.

Each day that went by, PuddyKat’s hind legs got stronger and she could eventually jump onto the chairs and couch again. PuddyKat’s pee balls got larger and Rob had to put a shield on the side of her box since her pee pressure increased too (avoiding missed aims).

Towards the end of over two months, PuddyKat followed Rob outside to enjoy the sunshine and devour some tender grass for a few minutes. She let Rob carry her back inside after each excursion. Our neighbor when she arrived back home, could not believe the good transition for PuddyKat … a healthier cat that is following her again!

Rob believes PuddyKat is enjoying life again and we hope she has more lives left of the nine originally given to her! We have fond memories of beautiful PuddyKat leisurely laying on our front walkway as well as near our long driveway over a decade ago … and it is heartwarming to know PuddyKat is doing better.

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