Hydration Respiration III – How to STEM Military Suicides

WIT Technology (DiTetra Gas) used to make the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) can assist in Hydration Respiration under extreme hiking at high elevational conditions as well as super dry environments of commercial flights.

Another extreme environment is submarine duty in the Navy. Not only are the deep-ocean elevations extreme but the living environment inside the submarine can become both toxic and septic. Below we share the experiences of a career military engineer who sadly complained to us that he had lost both mental clarity and interest for life. While visiting us, he drank a single bottle of the Polarized Water and told his father it was the most clarity that he had experienced in months.

We recognize that the military has resources such as therapists to assist service individuals. It takes physical skill to survive intense training to become a tough and invincible soldier … but the challenge for military personnel is to decide to seek help when they feel like they are going over the edge. Sadly, three Navy men committed suicide in the same week when their carrier ship was in dock. The military has embarked on an investigation to understand what are the factors contributing to the current high rate of suicides in both active soldiers and veterans.

Our civilian opinion is the military should also turn to STEM innovations to eliminate toxin exposure that will complement other therapy modalities. We think drinking the Polarized Water will assist in detoxification and breathing the DiTetra Gas from WIT Machines in a clinic setting, will help in repolarization of the charges in the brain to support mental clarity and endocrine gland functions (less “fight or flight” anxiety and insomnia).

Life on a Submarine

Our friend, who is a Navy engineer, told us that he is gone for almost one year at a time, with rare communication opportunities with his family. Each submarine keeps radio silence to reduce chances of detection. He told us that the food is good the first few weeks and then is less fresh as time goes on. The recirculated treated water does not taste good. The air circulating through filters may still have aerial contaminants (e.g., molds). There is no exposure to sunlight except when the submarine surfaces or goes into dock.

When the submarine is in dock, the work continues on maintenance and high-stress training exercises. There is little “uninterrupted” time with family before the next departure duty … also limited “leave” time that does not allow for full decompression and relaxation.

WIT Technology Licensing

We offer use licenses for WIT Technology and would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with any decisionmaker on both military and space applications. Please call 1-888-936-2782 or email: dana@aquanew.com.

Photo credit above: Wikimedia