How to Improve Vision

Inventor, Rob Gourley, at the recommendation of Dr. Walter Campbell, has created more sophisticated eye goggles compared to his original ones earlier this year. The newest goggles that are  an accessory to the WIT 10-cell Machine used in health clinics, also has a tube connection to a nebulizer centrifuge filled with the Polarized Water and homeopathic eye drops to treat specific conditions of the eyes. Dr. Campbell said … “The eye drops mimic the fluid in the white of the eye … the same aqueous environment solution of the eye”. He further explained the nebulizer spins the solution into nano droplets that flow with the Dioxytetrahyride Gas inside the tube into the goggles and then are absorbed through the cornea.

The application of the drops is also safer for the patient by eliminating the risk of a dispenser that could poke the eyes. Gourley said … “The health practitioners can now perform multiple treatments at the same time for their patients by raising the gas volume of the WIT Machine thereby allowing the patient to breathe the Dioxytetrahydride Gas at the same time as treating their eyes”.

Rob is shown in the photos modeling the new eye goggles.