How to Live a Longer and Healthier Life: Nature’s “Wonder and Awe” and Closeup on Blue Zone Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for April of 2019

One of our health-wise customers told us about Marine Biologist Dr. Wallace Nichols and his Blue Mind concept. Dr. Nichols has theories on how either our experiences with water or recall of our good memories of water can make us feel more balanced, centered and inspired in our confusing, stressful world.

This month, we highlight a fourth Blue Zone in Costa Rica. The Nicoya Peninsula is located along the Pacific Ocean coastline of northwestern Costa Rica. There seems to be a common pattern that proximity to coastlines such as that of the other three Blue Zones (the islands of Okinawa, Sardinia and Ikaria) give solitude and escape to listen to the songs of nature (sound of waves crashing onto beaches) … partly explaining why the residents enjoy longer lives within these areas.

Dr. Nichols calls this connection to cascading water as “wonder and awe”. Since we offer special crystalline-like water, Watt-Ahh … we like to say it is “wonder and ahh”.

Another Blue Zone Similarity

Another similarity of these relatively remote “Blue Zone” areas is wi-fi service with high EMF’s (5G wi-fi is approximately 600 MHz) may be infrequent within these areas. Certainly, there is less stress over losing smart devices in our crazy, cluttered world. Our brains have evolved to the lower frequencies of Mother Earth (600 million times lower than that of the frequency of 5G). Neurologists witnessing brain trauma in their patients recommend turning on speakers and avoid holding smart devices to our ears.

While composing this article, I coincidentally received in the mail, a yard of copper-enmeshed material that I will cut into rectangular pieces and lay across our mid-sections when my husband, Rob, and I operate our IPAD’s in the evening. Another good idea is to turn off the wi-fi server while sleeping at night.

Blue Zone Nicoya Península, Costa Rica

Nicoyan Diet: It is extremely high in carbohydrates compared to other Blue Zone diets, consisting of beans, corn tortillas, squash and tropical fruits (sweet lemon and banana). Corn is ground into flour and lime (calcium hydroxide) and water are added that supposedly increases the body’s absorption of calcium, iron and minerals. Fats and proteins account for approximately a total of 30 percent of the daily calories.

Primary Potable Water Source: The natural beauty and solitude (sun, sand and waves) of the historically agrarian Nicoya Peninsula have a drawback … the area attracts many tourists around the world, causing an uncontrolled demand on the aquifer water supplies which also have been impacted by El Nino-related droughts in recent years. There is a controversial major proposal to convert a large wetland area into a reservoir and build an aqueduct system for potable water distribution.

Final Observation: Costa Ricans generally revere their elderly. Family, faith and community are paramount to a purpose-driven life for over nine decades. Truly Wonder and Ahh!

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