Joyful Gathering at AquaNew’s Fulfillment Center

July 23, 2022 — Last evening, it was party time at the AquaNew Fulfillment Center and of course, there was an intense lightning storm going on to commemorate our “official grand opening” and a special birthday and semi-retirement celebrations for Steve Browne, who has delivered Watt-Ahh to our customers for over 14 years. The weather delayed some to get to the party but we were fortunate to have about 50 guests. There were tremendous joy and goodwill among the group and we met long-time customers for the first time and some traveled a long distance too including Gina, James, Blythin, Augie, Tina, and Ursala.

A special thank you goes to our neighbor business, Nature’s Rite, who gave our guests samples of their many natural healing products to try.

Here are some of the photos starting with the AquaNew crew (the party video honoring Steve is below):

Front row (l to r): Dana, Steve, Rob; Back row (l to r): Nadine, Nancy, Bob and Jason






The photographer said make a funny face. Everyone did except for Nancy and Rob … actually caught Rob smiling!






Jason and Tricia from OZA Essential Living








Steve and his neighbor, Dakoda








Dana, Steve and Rob (l to r)







Party Video

The party video honoring Steve can be found at this link. Don’t miss Steve in the delivery van singing Gloria on the second half of this video. Special appreciation for this video given to Bob Chenard of AquaNew and David Helm of Upshot Video Productions located in Sarasota, FL.

Thank you, Steve, for your exceptional customer service and coming back to the AquaNew office from a hard day’s work, with a perpetual smile and always a good story to tell.