Moderating Iron Absorption – AHA! Discovery on Healing Requires Energy for August 2022

July 7, 2022 – Iron absorption deficiency is the leading worldwide disability or if not number one, certainly comes in as one of the top 3 in impairment. In 2015, it was estimated that over two billion individuals including children of five years and younger who did not enjoy full vibrant health due to iron-absorption disability.

Iron absorption in the intestine is difficult. Poor absorption can lead to anemia. On the converse, an excessive dosage of a iron supplement can cause a hemochromatosis condition that may become lethal for those with certain genetic mutations.. Unabsorbed iron is not easily eliminated from the body such that iron accumulations from oral-iron supplementation can lead to adverse overload symptoms such as indigestion. Finding the optimum minimum dose of iron transferred into cells is a primer research challenge.

Why Do We Need Optimum Iron Absorption?

Impairments from either iron deficiency or iron overload are numerous and from something as simple as cosmetic such as brittle hair to respiratory failure to more devastating infant miscarriages and pathological outcomes. Iron deficiency is known to increase the risk of psychiatric disorders, including mood disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and developmental disorders. I personally wonder if an iron-absorption imbalance may contribute to mental instability including brutal and heartbreaking mass shootings throughout our Country. Yes, I realize it is more complex but it is well-documented that poor iron nutrition can impair both physical and mental health.

First Steps

Ever since the University of Florida iron absorption pilot study was performed on Watt-Ahh with very promising results over ten years ago, Rob and I have had a dream of better and pain-free iron absorption for billions of individuals. An all-natural composition of iron and Watt-Ahh in a capsule form that can be economically manufactured and easily distributed worldwide. For years, I had on my office cadenza a protocol for the next level of iron-absorption research … hoping someday that we could find a way to finance it. More recently, during the peak of COVID, we outreached to research labs with a modest proposal of using Watt-Ahh in their zinc absorption studies but there was not a single reply back to our inquiries.

The wait has been long but there has always been a rainbow of hope. Maybe it is more than hope now since recent results of an initial study of iron-deficient mice performed by university researchers and financed by a federal grant show astounding iron absorption results using Watt-Ahh. A new batch of mice are arriving soon for the researchers to replicate their study. Their results may be published and when that happens, we will definitely update this article.

The exciting potential is optimal minimum iron dose through different levels of dilution by Watt-Ahh can vary for each individual based on their own blood analyses and genetic expression.

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Customer Comment

An email from Joe S. on 7/25/22: “Iron displacement is a key feature of Covid 19. Iron is necessary for red blood cells to carry oxygen. Severe Covid patients are typically low on oxygen yet supplemental oxygen does nothing for them (Boris Johnson) because covid patients rbc are found to be missing iron. Conversely, blood clot formation following the vaxx is iron leaving the cells and amassing in the tissues”.