Energized Tears — AHA! Discovery of Healing Requires Energy for July 2022

June 6, 2022 — The tear film of on the surface of our eyes is composed of an intricate layering of 1) a slippery mucus material serving as a lubricant for the surface of the eye, 2) a salty protein material to prevent infection from accumulated waste products, and 3) a lipid material to keep tears from either evaporating or flowing over the lower eyelid. The tear film protects, cleanses and nourishes the cornea for refractive function. Because of the need for transparency, the cornea has no blood vessels and receives nutrients via diffusion from the outside surface tear film, the aqueous humor (or anterior chamber) of the cornea and nerve fibers.

When we feel a gritty sensation from blinking as some report “dry eye”, it maybe from an energy decrease needed for healthy hydration, nutrient distribution and cleansing of the tear film. This common condition can mean more than tired, burning eyes and could signal the onset of age-related macular diseases.

There are certainly over-the-counter eye drops and prescription drugs, one with an inflamed “evil-doer” cartoon character on t.v. commercials, that can provide temporary relief from dry eye symptoms. I personally prefer the nutrient-based options and find Dr. Michael Lange OD’s Fortifeye Focus Blue Light Defense product supplemented with blackberry and Alaskan native salmon oil along with a couple drops of over-the-counter eye drops before bedtime to be helpful.

Energy of the Eye for Healing

As discussed above, both the cornea and ocular fluid including the outside tear film have limited blood connection such that energy for healing the eye occurs via diffusion. For some years now, the WIT Technology has been used in clinics to rejuvenate the energy of the eye including diffusing the tear film and cornea with DiTetra Gas. The Gas infuses into the eye tissues and can transport nutrients more efficiently than either regular eye drops or oil-based supplements. Dr. Walter (“Buck”) Campbell DOAM uses swim goggles to add slight pressure around his patients’ eyes to accelerate the infusion of DiTetra Gas into and across the cornea. The DiTetra Gas generated by the WIT Machine infuses into a nebulizer containing his homeopathic eye solution made with Watt-Ahh and the Gas carries it into the goggles for diffusion across the cornea. Dr. Buck continues his eye research using the WIT Machine at his clinic located near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His white paper is posted on the WIT website at this link (second entry dated 4/9/21). Dr. Buck will be adding technology to his clinic that will measure the ocular changes to his patient’s eyes after WIT treatments. In the interim, he forwards testimonials from his eye patients including a recent one below:

“I am writing to give you an update of my progress in the treatment of my wet macular degeneration. I was told by several ophthalmologists that there is no cure for my condition and the available course of treatment was a monthly injection of prescribed drug in my eye. I have been following that advice for five months. As promised there has been no improvement nor has the degeneration increased.”

JR continues … “I was encouraged by our mutual friend to contact you to pursue an alternative to eye injections. When I first visited your office on May 17th you gave me a treatment using the WIT machine attached to the goggles that you pioneered … I visited you for three days, May 25th, 26th and 27th when you used the WIT machine for approximately 1 to 2 hours. This was followed with herbal supplements to be taken daily. On the morning of May 27th I awoke to find that the black blur in the center of my affected eye was gone.

Since that time I have regained a small amount of vision and read large print at a near distance.

I sincerely appreciate your help.” JR

OZA Essential Living located in Venice, FL. also offers by appointment a WIT Machine with goggles for eye treatments.

Misting the Eyes

Back to Dr. Mike Lange … He is a Tampa celebrity himself. Not only is he a respected eye doctor and an inventor of science-based products but also a long-time radio host of the “Ask the Doctor” show that airs each Saturday morning.

Currently, Dr. Mike offers misters filled with Watt-Ahh to select patients willing to give him feedback on any relief from their dry eye symptoms. He sells Watt-Ahh at his supplement nutrition centers including the one near Safety Harbor, FL. (https://fortifeye.com/ or visit his nutrition center at this address: Bayside Bridge Plaza,1530 McMullen Booth Rd, Unit D10, Clearwater, FL 33759). The photo to the right is from his nutrition center when Rob and I visited there last April and met with Dr. Mike (l), Dr. Buck (r) and Dr. Nichole Stare (foreground right) as well as Drs. Poser and Hall on eye treatment technology.

Home Remedies

Eye health should be part of your daily routine. It is easy to add more energy to your eyes by diffusing the DiTetra Gas in Watt-Ahh via either a mister or a facial sauna. Here are two blogs that can give you more information:

Naturally Looking Good – Facial Saunas

Naturally Looking Good – Spray Misters

All of the 2022 “Healing Requires Energy” Series can be found here.

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