Mountain Medicine – Continuing the Tradition of Healing

Over a century ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), who later became President of the United States, discovered the therapeutic waters of Warm Springs, Georgia. Today, Dr. Cindy Freed, DO is continuing this tradition by opening the Mountain Medicine clinic located in the heart of Warm Springs. The clinic specializes in energy and immunity. She calls the WIT Machine the “kingpin” of her therapeutic practice.

Mountain Medicine is located at 85 Broad Street, Warm Springs, GA. 31830. Many visitors including hikers and sightseers are drawn to the natural beauty of the Pine Mountain area located over an hour drive south of Atlanta and near the Callaway Gardens, FDR’s Little White House and Museum, and the Mountain Top Resort. Groups of motorcyclists cruise the gentle curving roadways to come visit the center of Warm Springs.

One of the famous natural features is Cascade Falls within the Roosevelt State Park. The historic significance of healing waters will be captured through the integration of an image of the falls into the logo design for Mountain Medicine according to Dr. Cindy.

During the last weekend in June of 2020, we delivered the WIT Machine. It is available by appointment and also Watt-Ahh is sold at the clinic. Since the website is a work in progress, please email us at and we will forward your message to Dr. Cindy.

Only Thing We Have to Fear … Fear Itself

This phrase is a memorable part of FDR’s inaugural address in 1933, the peak of the Great Depression. Approximately six years before becoming elected President, he and Eleanor founded a world-renown polio treatment center, currently called the Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospitals or “the Roosevelt”. In his famous inaugural address, FDR may have considered the on-going tragic heartbreak of paralysis in children and severe economic hardship of adults who lost their independent life due to the infliction of this horrific viral-related disease. FDR said … “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear … fear itself – nameless, unnerving, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”.

The Roosevelts committed to their vigorous leadership in overcoming the fear of polio while investing the majority of their personal assets to build a center of hope, recovery and regain of a successful independent life, education and employment. The Roosevelt campus with its hospitals had new technology at the time with one of the first automatic open doors sufficiently wide for wheelchair passage and lush, serene grounds. Unfortunately, the swimming pool that contained warm mineral-rich water that helped FDR with his own right-leg mobility, has since been drained plus there is no public access to the spring itself. The hospitals for acute cases and rehabilitation, however, continue to thrive as well as dorms used to shelter youth with disabilities learning how to live independent lives. These dorms are located near the banks of Lake Dream, a camp where disabled youth have fun with others while learning to swim and fish, and disabled athletes vie for championships.

Dr. Cindy has worked in internal medicine at the acute care hospital within the Roosevelt for approximately two decades. She has coordinated with respiratory therapists with a protocol that successfully transitions patients off of ventilators. The Roosevelt team during the COVID pandemic received acknowledgment by their professional peers on their outstanding patient survival rate after ventilation. Dr. Cindy said their protocol is to closely monitor each patient and intermittently suspend the ventilation as early as reasonably possible so the patient’s lungs can rebuild independent breathing again.

Mountain Medicine

After practicing for many years in the Greater Pine Mountain area, Dr. Cindy understands the dire need for integrative health for both residents and visitors. She brings her acute care and research knowledge to help her patients discover nature-based ways to offset the effects of chronic disease. She told us that she is personally motivated towards experimentation in evaluating the optimum testing methods in determining the levels of mitochondric energy and immunity in her patients. She plans on primarily testing for oxidative stress and evaluating baseline changes in her patients who use the WIT Technology at her new clinic.

Dr. Cindy is a model example of the FDR “leadership legacy” in helping others to overcome their fears, finding ways for recovery from sickness and pain relief, and rebuilding towards stronger immunity for a happier and healthier independent life.

The first photo above is of Dr. Cindy (dated June of 2020) standing in front of the community building in Warm Springs, GA dedicated to Sara Delano Roosevelt, FDR’s mother who home taught her son before he attended Harvard University. Dr. Cindy plans to hold yoga classes in this historic building located adjacent to her Mountain Medicine clinic.

The second photo above is a memorial to FDR in a wheelchair with a young child on crutches located at the Roosevelt.

The following photo album was taken during our delivery of the WIT Machine at the Mountain Medicine clinic.


Rob Gourley delivering the WIT Machine







Watt-Ahh is sold at Mountain Medicine clinic







Historic automatic door opening at the Roosevelt







The Roosevelt Courtyard







Lake Dream at the Roosevelt