Mitochondria: Powerhouse for Immunity – AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery for July of 2020

Last month, we presented immunity as becoming the next huge trend in consumable products. We are familiar with the saying that mitochondria are the “powerhouse” for energy essential for life. Going beyond metabolic energy production, mitochondria have another physiologic function of being the “powerhouse” for our own immunity. Mitochondria can regulate immune cell development, activation, proliferation, differentiation, and even death of immune cells.

Healthy Expression of the Mitochondria

There is a non-exhaustive list of diseases that may be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression, diabetes, infertility, cancer and premature aging. Increasing the power of mitochondria may naturally suppress the expression of the bad genes and support the expression of the good genes.  Now there is another reason for sustaining optimum mitochondria function … support immune defense.

We think that drinking the Polarized Water will help support all mitochondrial functions. There are a number of supplemental formulations developed by doctors that you can read about online. Lifestyle can also sustain healthy mitochondria expression including regular exercise, healthy eating, plenty of sleep and intermittent fasting (no calorie intake for at least 8 consecutive hours including nighttime sleep). Living a clean, hydrated life with limited exposure to toxins will support and balance the central core of your immunity.

What is Mitochondric Life?

In April of 2019, we launched the phrase “Mitochondric Life” to represent our customers’ deep connection to Watt-Ahh … right down to the molecular level. The Polarized Water infused with DiTetra Gas works with the cellular mitochondria in making us feel more balanced, centered and inspired. We all strive to become a better self … more productive, creative and fearless in facing a confusing world. This foundational spark of life comes from mitochondrial energy.

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