Our Noses are Designed for Frontline Immunity Defense – AHA! Discovery for March of 2021


January 19, 2020: Breathing through our nose while the mouth is closed and the tongue is resting on the roof of the mouth is our natural frontline defense against invading viruses. The nose is perfectly designed for turbo-like breathing that captures viruses in the mucus lining inside the nose. The efficiency of breathing through the nose can be obstructed by polyps or even wearing a mask.


We like to compare the design of the human nose to that of a Venus flytrap. The mucus entraps viruses to prevent invasion into cells. The mucus holds the viruses outside our bodies until the virus oxidizes or the mucus flows out of the nose. Similar to a Venus flytrap that traps an insect outside the plant itself to allow the creature to die.

Mucus Hydration

The mucus needs to be fully hydrated for the best frontline immunity defense. Dehydration leads to loosing the tight junction barrier of cells. If the mucus lining becomes dry, the cellular junctions weaken and blood vessels in the nose can crack from the dryness making the cells more susceptible to viral invasion.

One of the driest environments is flying in a plane. We provided in the past some recommendations to keep the mucus in our noses hydrated and have added a couple more recommendations during the present pandemic:

  • Pack bottles of Watt-Ahh in your check-in bag to drink immediately after the flight and before getting in a car to drive for better mental clarity.
  • Drink Watt-Ahh before going through airport security and place the empty bottles into the recycle bin, if available at the airport.
  • Fill a spray mister (8 oz. or less) with Watt-Ahh and spray your eyes during flight to alleviate dry eye symptoms.
  • Add Watt-Ahh to a saline bottle (8 oz. or less) and spray inside your nostrils during flight.
  • Purchase bottled beverages, preferably pure water, to drink during the flight.
  • Drink non-alcoholic beverages offered to you in-flight.
  • And finally, please try to find recycle bins to toss empty containers if available at airports.
  • New recommendation for the pandemic: Try to breathe through your nose even while wearing either a mask or face shield.
  • New recommendation for the pandemic: Use Watt-Ahh to clean and hydrate the nose such as using a neti pot.

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