Ponce De Leon Should Have Docked His Boat at the Watt-Ahh Fulfillment Office

September 11, 2021 – We always said that Ponce De Leon would have found his fountain of youth if he had looked up into the skies … the polarized rainfall that is somewhat replicated in making Watt-Ahh. Although the Watt-Ahh Fulfillment Center is located on the mainland of Sarasota, FL., one of our customers, Ross, cleverly wrote that Ponce should have docked his boat there.

Ross represents so many of our customers who also diligently search for healthy immune-supporting solutions, particularly during the COVID pandemic peaks. We are always delighted to hear about their respective journeys when they discovered the healing benefits of Watt-Ahh. Ross shares his own intellectual journey with the testimonial provided below:

“Greetings Dana!

I read the link about COVID-related response to Watt-Ahh in yesterday’s newsletter – very interesting!

When this SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 first hit the news in December 2019, I immediately increased my beta glucan(s) sources both nutritionally and with supplement(s) [I use Paul Stamets mushroom products].  I know that beta glucan’s help stimulate the body’s immune system to produce type one interferon [INFy] and natural killer [NK] cells, the body’s innate anti-viral mechanism.  There’s a ton of research on the subject too extensive for this email.

Had I been aware of and using Watt-Ahh at the time, my then ‘stress level’ response would’ve been much different – here’s why.  Thanks to Kiran Krishnan at Microbiome Labs, I well understand the corollary between mitochondrial dysfunction and a malfunctioning electron transport chain, often overlooked by the majority of both allopathic and alternative doctors.  Krishnan suggests using vitamin K2 [MK7 form] along with CoQ10 to effect positive changes in the electron transport chain cycle.  After reading the ‘Dancing With Water’ book , I learned about the many benefits of structured water, including overall mitochondrial functionality.

There’s a ton of research on mitochondrial dysfunction and the electron theory of healing on Pub Med.  In his video when Dr. Campbell referenced the electron transport chain to describe, in part, mitochondria function, my first thought was ‘this dude gets it like few other doctors do’ and I didn’t hesitate to immediately spray my eyes with Watt-Ahh.  The results have been gobsmacking amazing!  I’ll have to set an appointment to check if my lens prescription needs adjustment – me thinks adjustment is needed.  Anyhoo…I have no doubt that Watt-Ahh takes electron healing from theory to reality in really short order!  And, also helps with the ‘energy information storage’ capacity of memory T-cells.  At the quantum physics level, life is about energy information and energy information exchange. Watt-Ahh plumbs into the quantum level like nothing I’ve ever tried.

An aside…in his quest for the fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon was about five hundred years too early. Today, Ponce would dock his boat at the Watt-Ahh fulfillment office!

Many blessings.”  Ross