Introducing the Newest WIT Machine

wit.4cellrkmib416In less than 60 days, RK Mechanical, Inc. of Denver, Colorado completed the final design and assembly of the newest WIT Machine, which will be showcased at the Ingredient Marketplace Expo in Orlando, FL this month.


CEO and Inventor Rob Gourley told us that, similar to the other WIT Machine models – 10 and 80 cells – this newest small machine will have multiple licensed uses. Gourley said, “Sometimes the best compatibility with Nature is to work simpler in design.”


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Newest WIT Machine”

  1. Hi, I’ve been recently introduced to Watt-Ahh water. Unfortunately I’m based in France and AquaNew doesn’t seem to ship outside the US continental area so I got curious about if there would be a machine that would produce that water. A friend of mine just attended the international conference on Water in Sofia, Bulgaria with top waterreasearchers and scientists and that’s how I learned about Watt-Ahh.
    Could you please let me know if the 4-cell Witt machine is for sale and if its price? Thank you very much. Pascal

  2. Pascal-It is exciting to learn that Watt-Ahh Polarized Water are being discussed by water researchers and scientists attending a conference in Bulgaria. We work with other companies in licensing WIT Machines. Yes, part of our long-term plan is continue to build machines and locate them within strategic locations worldwide. These machine can be used under license, to manufacture the Polarized Water which is used for drinking water as well as improving the efficacy of other consumable products. In the interim, we offer for our international customers, shipment of pallets of Watt-Ahh (672 liter bottles) to exporters/importers located in the U.S. (hired by our customers). I recall that you called our 888 number a couple of weeks ago. If you like to discuss further, please try the 1-888-936-2782. Or, you may call me direct at 941-923-8972 ET (Florida USA). Dana Gourley, COO, AquaNew and WIT International

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