Healthier Sanitation (Part 2) – Stability of Compounds in Structured Polarized Water

Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery for June 2015


In our first article, “Healthier Sanitation,” we discussed how very low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in water solution is the best nature-based form of sanitation (our own bodies produce hydrogen peroxide). However, stability is a challenge since hydrogen peroxide will rapidly decompose to hydrogen and water.

The groundbreaking discovery is the dioxytetrahydride structure, with a reservoir of electrons (or, what Inventor Rob Gourley calls “Polarized Water”), which stabilizes a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in solution for over two years. AquaNew has the exclusive, worldwide license to produce Polarized Water for non-medical consumable products. AquaNew’s bottled water, Watt-Ahh®, was the first product launched into the market in 2007. Some of the research results from two medical supply laboratories can be found here.

The Polarized Water stabilizes safer, more nature-based compounds for sanitation such as very low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide without harsh chemical and surfactant additives that can leave a residue on the skin. Also, the water structure reduces the loss of the active sanitation effect from hydrogen peroxide over time.

“The seemingly endless applications keep me awake and thinking all night,” Gourley said.

Through licensing, there are already advanced wound care, antibiotic wipes and ostomy deodorant products in the medical supply channels using the Polarized Water. Gourley added that other products include facial towelettes, topical aerosol sprays, antibacterial gels, “greener” cleansers, diaper wipes and even treating fabric used to carry groceries are only the beginning of the array of antimicrobial applications.

Our Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery Spotlight for this June of 2015 is AquaNew’s Founder Rob Gourley. Gourley has shown great patience and confidence in the power of Nature such that the high-energy form of water (Polarized Water) will be eventually proven by credible third parties as an important key to a healthier and cleaner World.

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* In the above photo: Inventor Rob Gourley, 2015

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