How to Live A Longer and Healthier Life – Recap of 2019 Longevity Discoveries

This year’s series on longevity topics was dedicated to our mother, Ann Cassidy, who enjoyed a major milestone birthday (Micky Mouse, Mom’s favorite, celebrated the same milestone birthday) … Ann’s longevity secret is based on family fun, a creative  imagination and a strong spiritual faith.

Earlier last year, we focused on each of the five designated Blue Zones (mainly island villages located in Japan, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica and United States) with emphasis on  both diets and water quality. A couple of the monthly chapters were more scientific on how structured water with an electrical conductance can protect our DNA. Our pets also deserve long, healthy lives. The remaining chapters described the past and present searches for the Longevity Secret whether it is the Fountain of Youth or a Longevity Pill which may be only fables.


Home Sweet Blue Zone

It is a great concept that we can create our own Blue Zone inside our homes. The good news is that we have choices and can start at the grocery checkout. Do you ever look at the items on the conveyor of the person ahead of you in the checkout line and get some insight into their diet? Do you think prosperity has made us seek the convenience of prepared foods or did prepared foods give us more time to become prosperous? Maybe the foundation of our own Blue Zone is to make sure there are more natural ingredients on the grocery conveyor with the mission to make more wholesome home-cooked meals for our families. And do not forget about lower sugar beverages and even better, drinking more pure water. We can choose prosperity in health…it may be the best AHA! Longevity Discovery after all.

2020 Series on Mitochondric Life

We wish everyone a long, healthy life for the New Year.

For the 2020 AHA! Discovery Series starting in January, we want to continue our study on one of the functional foundations of life … the cellular mitochondria.

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