Mitochondric Life – 2020 AHA! Discovery Series

For the 2020 AHA! Discovery Series, we want to continue our study on one of the functional foundations of life … the cellular mitochondria. Life and healing requires mitochondria energy. We call the 2020 series … Mitochondric Life!

Below are the article links for each month:

  • January 2020: DiTetra Gas – Essential Basics for Mitochondric Energy
  • February 2020: Surplus Mitochondria Energy for Healing
  • March 2020: Storage of Electrical Charge in Water
  • April 2020: Discovery of Mitochondrial DNA
  • May 2020: Maternal Mitochondria DNA
  • June 2020: Is Immunity after COVID-19 the Next Product Trend? … Watt-Ahh with reliable and replicable evidence
  • July 2020: Mitochondria is Powerhouse of Our Immunity

What is Mitochondric Life?

In April of 2019, we launched the phrase “Mitochondric Life” to represent our customers’ deep connection to Watt-Ahh … right down to the molecular level. The Polarized Water infused with DiTetra Gas works with the cellular mitochondria in making us feel more balanced, centered and inspired. We all strive to become a better self … more productive, creative and fearless in facing a confusing world. This foundational spark of life comes from mitochondrial energy.