Optimum T-cell Response to Vaccines – AHA! Pow-Ahh Immunity Discovery for January of 2021

December 12, 2020 – Can natural substances boost our immunity for optimum T-cell response to a vaccine and with less potential side effects? Can “natural immunity” without the prescription pad sustain us if there is a delay in getting a vaccine? In preparation of getting a vaccine, what can we do? If I am a parent of a child on the autism spectrum (autistic behavior became apparent after vaccination), how can I protect my younger child from a mandatory vaccine to be able to attend school?

We realize these are sensitive questions on our minds during this pandemic crisis and the recent announcement of a nationwide vaccination program. We must be clear that our company, AquaNew, has no policy on vaccinations … it is the individual’s decision for themselves and their family.*

The Importance of Super-charged Hydration and Vaccines

On a personal note, I was physically injured by taking the polio sugar cube as a child in the early 1960’s. I have empathy for parents who make vaccine decisions and wonder what steps should be taken to physically prepare a child for the best possible safe outcome. I did not find, however, in my cyber searches any reference on the need for hydration prior to vaccination.

A couple of years ago, a health practitioner who coaches families with children on the autism spectrum, gave me the answer. She told me about several families located in California with younger children and they have older siblings who became autistic after vaccination. The parents were rightfully concerned about the vaccination requirements for registering their younger children into public education. The practitioner recommended that each child drink Watt-Ahh each day for a couple of weeks and continue the daily consumption at least a couple of weeks after vaccination. She was glad to report to me that each child did not have an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Ever since I heard this story, we post on our emails each October (traditional flu shot month) the “public service” recommendation for active and full hydration prior to and after vaccination. Our best recommendation in preparing for a vaccination is to drink Watt-Ahh to support detoxification before and after receiving a vaccination.

Optimum T-cell Immunity Response to Vaccines

In addition to full hydration, Watt-Ahh can boost the mitochondria in regulating immunity cell development  including T-cells.

After viral exposure (possibly including recovery after vaccination), the mitochondria regulates the production of a pool of long-lived T-cells. These memory lymphocytes remain dormant until the next time they encounter the same pathogen with a stronger immune reaction. The structure of Watt-Ahh provides energy to the mitochondria for an optimum reaction potential to a vaccine in making a long-term immunity defense against any reintroduction of a specific virus.

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Pow-Ahh Your Immunity – Drink Watt-Ahh!

* It is advisable to ask a trusted health practitioner about any vaccine.