Protecting the Oxygen Level in Air and How Hydrogen Protects the Body from the Reactive Form of Oxygen – AHA! Discovery on Healing Requires Energy for November 2022

October 22, 2022 – For life, oxygen (O2) needs to be around 21 percent of the air we breathe. Deriving hydrogen fuel from fossil fuels could cause a depletion of ambient oxygen over time. Instead, the use of DiTetra Gas derived from renewable water and not fossil fuel, in making Super Green Hydrogen will avoid such an oxygen depletion.

DiTetra Gas is a stable and balanced water compound with two co-valently bonded oxygen and four hydrogen carrying extra electrons. The conversion of liquid water into DiTetra Gas occurs in a proprietary strong magnetic field. DiTetra Gas is bubbled into ultra-pure water to make Watt-Ahh. Last month, we discussed how hydrogen is Nature’s fuel source for our bodies that is needed for healing energy.

Another critical function of hydrogen bonded to oxygen is to safeguard our bodies from the ravages by a  single (nascent) oxygen to our DNA. Nascent oxygen is one of the most reactive substances on Earth. It is toxic to all aerobic life. Ozone (O3) also can be toxic since there is not a bonding site for the third oxygen. Hydrogen bonded to oxygen ameliorates the reactive nature of a potential nascent oxygen in the human body.

Interestingly, hydrogen does not readily bond to oxygen. An implosion such as from a volcano or combustion from a hydrogen fuel cell can cause hydrogen and oxygen to bond and create water. Electrolysis is commonly known to break the bonds of hydrogen and water along the release of thermal heat. The electromagnetic process used to make DiTetra Gas does not break the oxygen-hydrogen bonds and consequently none or minimal thermal heat is released in the conversion of liquid water into the plasma gaseous state of water. This non-electrolysis process is renewable and avoids the potential depletion of ambient O2 that may otherwise occur in producing hydrogen from fossil fuels.

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