Recap of the 2020 Mitochondric Life Series – AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery for December of 2020

Mitochondrial DNA control many essential functions for life – metabolic, neurological, immunity, healing and programmed cellular life cycles. In this year’s series on Mitochondric Life, we highlighted these functions as well as the original researcher that discovered the existence of mitochondrial DNA which are separate from that of our cellular DNA. Expression of the latter DNA comes from both parents including determination of eye color. Sex determination, however, comes from our father’s DNA only in the sperm (Y vs. X chromosome). We learned from this year’s series that mitochondria DNA are inherited from our mothers.

Finally, we talked about the molecular combination of Watt-Ahh (2 oxygen, 4 hydrogen and electrons) that support production of ATP by the mitochondria … the powerhouses for life forces.

Pow-Ahh Immunity

Our AHA! Discovery series for 2021 will be on immunity and ways to naturally super-charge our immunity. We focus on over-the-counter supplements and clean foods that are neither delivered by a prescription pad nor through a needle injection. The optimum natural way for delivery in our opinion is Watt-Ahh Polarized Water. So we named the new series “Pow-Ahh Immunity”.

We kick off this new series with quotes by Epigenetic Scientist Sterling Hill in a recent podcast (scroll down the list to one  entitled “Dark Winter Part 2”). Starting around 1 hr.:50 min., the panel discussion turns to natural ways to reverse toxin damage and avoid acceleration of aging and genetic-related diseases. Sterling recommends drinking clean water, specifically Watt-Ahh such that she no longer takes 99% of her supplements. She states about Watt-Ahh … “it hydrates every cell and absorbs 100% of your food”. She continues by talking about the discovery of the Fifth State of Water that regains our polarity like grounding and reduces the effects of microwave radiation. Sterling poignantly states … “Take away everything I own and have. But if you take my Watt-Ahh, I will not make it.”   

All of the 2020 Mitochondric Life Series can be found here.

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