Behind the Scenes: Photographing AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh Bottled Water

by AquaNew on June 1, 2016

in Marketing, Water News

Photographing Watt-Ahh® is no easy task. In fact, bottled water of any kind is a challenge as light bounces off clear bottles, picking up lots of reflections from surrounding objects in the process, while casting shadows around the very item you’re trying to capture on film! For this reason, we called in a pro…

John Boroden of Apple House Press recently photographed our 16.9 oz. and liter-size bottles of Watt-Ahh® Polarized Water for us. Here’s a short video giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes. Just wait until you see the results!

Behind the Scenes: Photographing AquaNew’s Bottled Watt-Ahh®

Now take a look at some of the results! Liter SmBottle













Thanks, JB and the team at Apple House Press!

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