The State of the Beverage – Year 2019

It has been two years since we reported on beverage trends after attending the Beverage Forum held in  Chicago, IL in 2017.  For the first time, bottled water captured over 50% of the beverage gross sales market and the hottest trend at that time (and currently) is to reduce sugar content in beverages. For 2019, […]

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Future of Shopping

At this year’s Beverage Forum gathering of the “Who’s Who” of beverages, there was a panel of futurists who predicted how we will shop for groceries. In our State of the Beverage editorial, we reported on a few of these new shopping trends, including favorite lists on our phones used to reorder groceries online. For […]

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Fashion Trend: Active Wear Outsells Denim Jeans

For the first time, athleisure wear (a.k.a. yoga pants and active wear leggings) outsold denim jeans. We defer to the fashion experts for analyzing this trend. And, we value your opinion. Is it comfort while we live our active lives? Do we want to reflect a healthier life? Or, is it a deeper message on women’s growing […]

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