watt-ahh distribution

International Webstores for Watt-Ahh

Currently, AquaNew only ships Watt-Ahh to addresses within the continental USA. International shipping is tricky. We have had persistently focused customers who hire exporters to ship pallets of Watt-Ahh to their home countries including Canada, U.K., China and Sweden. We routinely provide these shipping recommendations to customers who want to ship Watt-Ahh internationally (outside the continental […]

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Tech This Out! – Ten Years Ago

Before being launched into the market in November of 2007, this beauty shot of Watt-Ahh® appeared in New York Magazine along with five other “new luxury water with fantastic supposed properties.” Author Beth Landman was absolutely correct on one of her statements: “the water boom is just starting.” Her prediction has come true with bottled […]

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Leslie Copeland of Knowledge 4 Life Imaging: Sharing Her Passion and Knowledge for Good Health

AquaNew recently announced that Knowledge 4 Life Imaging(Sebring, FL.) offers both sized Watt-Ahh® bottles for its patients and walk-in customers. The clinic also promotes the availability of Watt-Ahh® on its home page. In honor of October Breast Awareness Month, and the need for proactive and early-detection imaging, we decided to give a spotlight article on […]

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