Watt-Ahh 101 Plus If You Like, More Advanced Science

September 26, 2021 — Watt-Ahh® the next paradigm shift in bottled water. Consumers who seek healthier beverages have made bottled water the number-one selling beverage by volume in the USA. However, it has been over Two Decades since the last blockbuster discovery in water … breakthroughs in adding electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to bottled water as well as adjusting the pH for alkaline water. Join us in the next powerhouse in drinking water … Watt-Ahh!

Why Should I Drink Supercharged Watt-Ahh?

Healing requires energy. More science is provided below. The molecular structure of Watt-Ahh has additional electrons that support the mitochondria energy needed for both healing and life.

Watt-Ahh is smooth to drink. It rapidly absorbs into cells without a sloshy, bloated feeling in the stomach … great for athletes in high competition and those living their active lives. The taste is clean and refreshing.

The numerous benefits of drinking Watt-Ahh include:

  • FULL AND EFFICIENT HYDRATION: It takes less drinking volume of Watt-Ahh compared to other types of water for full hydration.
  • IMMUNITY RESPONSE: Watt-Ahh supports our own immunity system.
  • GREATER SUPPLEMENT ABSORPTION: Watt-Ahh delivers added nutrients faster and in greater amounts into the cells.
  • DETOXIFICATION: Watt-Ahh will support removal of toxins and oxalates from the body.
  • STABILITY: The novel structure of Watt-Ahh remains stable even when the cap is twisted off and consumed over a few days.
  • TOPICAL HEALING: Lightly mist Watt-Ahh on skin for faster healing with less scarring.
  • HEY GAMERS!  Try drinking Watt-Ahh for enhanced alertness and heightened awareness to achieve the next gaming level without any caffeine or stimulants.
  • PETS LOVE WATT-AHH TOO: Animals benefit by drinking Watt-Ahh plus they have an intrinsic knowledge of recognizing what is good for them.
  • FASTER PLANT GROWTH: Water your favorite plants for a boost in growth and cut flowers last longer.
  • LONG-TERM STORAGE: Watt-Ahh remains stable in an indoor environment for years and ready for any emergency event.

More Specs on Watt-Ahh and its Bottles

Watt-Ahh is ultra-pure polarized water that is electron-enriched with no additives. Total dissolved solid is less than 1 mg/L. The pH of pure water like Watt-Ahh is neutral similar to the pH of our own blood (Note: an accurate reading of pH of water requires using a titration method in a lab).

The bottles are PET-1 plastic that preserve the electronic nature of Watt-Ahh (not glass containers). PET-1 plastic is BPA-free.  Please recycle all empty bottles.

Our product will be delivered to the buyer before it expires and is stored safely until we ship it.

Our customers donate to non-profit organizations to either help abused children (ChildHelp) or terminally-ill children (Flight-to-the-North Pole) from a portion of Watt-Ahh’s sale proceeds.

Want More Science?

Watt-Ahh is pure water that has been infused with the Fifth State of Water that we call DiTetra Gas … changing the fundamental molecular structure of water making it more compatible for humans and their pets. The molecular structure of DiTetra Gas is two covalently-bonded oxygen in the core, bonded to four hydrogen enriched with additional electrons.

Watt-Ahh absorbs into the cells for full hydration and detoxification. It provides additional oxygen to red blood cells and electrons to cellular mitochondria which are needed in the conversion of our food into ATP … the energy source for life and healing.

Watt-Ahh Polarized Water is 100% water (no additives). It is the next evolution in bottled water … a stable, crystalline-like structure loaded with additional electrons, supporting the mitochondria energy needed for both healing and life. One analogy is mitochondria is like the CEO of cells … controlling many essential biofunctions of our bodies such as respiration, metabolism, production of reactive oxygen species, and programmed cellular life cycles. Studies show optimum mitochondrial functions also support both good cognitive health and immunity against viruses and other disease vectors. Drinking Watt-Ahh supports your molecular being, right to the Mighty Mitochondria.

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