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October 1, 2021: For the last chapter in our Immunity Series (December 2021), we want to focus on sustainable immunity. It has been a roller-coaster year on the sensitive topic of immunity. When we launched this series back in January of 2021, we offered these questions: “Can natural substances boost our immunity for optimum T-cell response to a vaccine and with less potential side effects? Can ‘natural immunity’ without the prescription pad sustain us if there is a delay in getting a vaccine? In preparation of getting a vaccine, what can we do? If I am a parent of a child on the autism spectrum (autistic behavior became apparent after vaccination), how can I protect my younger child from a mandatory vaccine to be able to attend school?” Almost a year later, clear answers to these questions continue to allude us.

Each month in 2021, we covered many topics in this Immunity Series including the importance of hydration and vaccines, immunity boosters such a Vitamin C and D (and even Watt-Ahh itself), the frontline physical barriers to viral invasions (our noses), immunity elixir recipes made with Watt-Ahh, and the history of antibody treatments. With the growing concern over the effectiveness of vaccines over time, we offer another question: What can we do to sustain the immunity power of our own bodies?

Long-term Effectiveness of Immunization Boosters

Most of us are aware of “breakthroughs” when a vaccinated person subsequently suffers from COVID-related symptoms either weeks or months after the injection(s). Research scientists and physicians may not know the effectiveness timelines of the respective vaccines including the new biotech injections. For the purpose of this article, we reference the whole gambit as being “immunization boosters” including an even broader perspective to include effective natural products that we previously highlighted in this series.

We want to summarize portions of a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article entitled “Some Vaccines Last a Lifetime. Here’s Why Covid-19 Shots Don’t.”, dated September 10, 2021.

Immunization boosters for certain diseases such as measles, replicate and are effective for the entire life span of a human. Measles hardly mutate at all. However, each disease is different including that of COVID-19 and its variants such that the effectiveness of the “non-replicating” boosters may disappear as soon as six months after the initial inoculation. Another example of “seasonal non-replicating boosters” is the annual flu shot.  According to a Emory University professor on the topic that “not all vaccines are ideal”, he observed … “The effectiveness depends on the magnitude of the immune response a vaccine induces, how fast the resulting antibodies decay, whether the virus or bacteria tend to mutate, and the location of the infection.”

We know T-cells also can contribute to immunity protection, but it is easier for scientists to measure the concentration of antibodies in the blood to extrapolate the effectiveness of a booster over time. The protective antibody threshold for a specific disease is measured in international units in milliliter of blood.  A Oregon Health & Science University professors states in the WSJ article … “We’re fortunate with tetanus, diphtheria, measles and vaccinia. We have identified what the threshold of protection is. You track antibody decline over time, and if you know the threshold of protection, you can calculate durability of protection. With Covid, we don’t know.”

According to the WSJ article, the current immunization boosters for COVID-19 may have enhanced antibodies within the lower respiratory system. Another challenge is COVID-19 mutations may attack the cells in the moist surfaces of the body that have less antibodies such as the upper respiratory system and in the nose.

What is Sustainable Immunity?

Immunization boosters may not be the panacea against COVID and its variants. Each individual should take reasonable precautions such as social distancing, calling in sick to the office and staying home, and sanitation. Our series this past year has focused on more natural ways to boost our individual immunity which should be a major part of our daily regime.

We are intrigued on how the ancient humans survived diseases. Several years ago, we asked that same question on the AquaNew Facebook Page (see below) and received many good answers:

Ancient man did not have antibiotic drugs but mankind survived. Question: What is the chemical compound made in ancient man that is also made by our own bodies, and defends against bad bacteria?

Drum Roll, Please! The answer is: Hydrogen Peroxide

Studies on Watt-Ahh bottled water show the Polarized Water stabilizes hydrogen peroxide and is one of our U.S. Utility Patents. T-cells in our blood naturally produce hydrogen peroxide at open topical wounds. The Polarized Water, when applied to a topical wound or consumed, is also an immunization booster. You can read more about these modalities at this link.

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